Your Search for Shield Wire Earthing and MS Grating is Now Over

If you are looking for Shield Wire Earthing and MS Grating in Rajasthan and don’t know where to go, then here is just the information that will help you overcome that problem. Here, we will discuss the importance of Shield Wire Earthing and MS Grating, why they are used and why VLI is the best place to buy them. We will also see the fantastic services provided by VLI and its popularity in customers across the country over the years. 

About Vaibhav Laxmi Industries:

For two decades, we have been manufacturing units specializing in making different transmission line tower accessories. Vaibhav Laxmi Industries is a PGCIL certified company and has been providing its services all over India. VLI has 45 export locations in the country. 

VLI has been working closely with the Govt of India in its smart city and rural electrification projects. We provide high-quality products that are compatible with international standards. VLI is your first choice for all transmission line accessories needs.

Vaibhav Laxmi Industries has been a provider of many high-quality transmission line accessories over the years and is quite popular among customers.

Founded in the year 2005 in the city Jaipur, Rajasthan, we provide the highest quality of products across the country. Under “Mr Sitaram Katta”, our mentor, we have had tremendous success and popularity among clients across the nation.

Why Us?

Some of the reasons why customers consider VLI as their first choice are as follows:

  •  Well functional infrastructural base
  • Products of best quality tested on different quality parameters
  • Experienced team of skilled people
  • Client-focused approach
  • Excellent transport & logistic facility
  • The affordable price range for the customers
  • On-time deliveries

Why is the use of Shield Wire Earthing important?

You must be wondering that why Shield Wire Earthing is needed and what is it used for. People generally use Shield Wire Earthing because it provides a medium of protection.

Shield wire earthing is technically a cyst formation around a power transmission line to ensure its safety against erratic lightning strikes.  

Avoidance of lighting overvoltages can be achieved with the help of shield wire earthing. It reduces it to a particular bit if not completely avoided. This is the main reason why many people use Shield Wire Earthing. 

In the process, the shield is connected to power cables at every end. They can also be connected to the ground of the earth for the reduction of voltage. This leads to loss of current and heating. 

Shield Wire Earthing at VLI

VLI is known to be one of the best Shield Wire Earthing Manufacturers in the Rajasthan state. We have been providing Earthing services for thousands of customers across Rajasthan. 

We are also known for excellent customer satisfaction and have had many happy and satisfied customers over the years in the field. 

Other than Shield Wire Earthing, many different kinds of services are offered by VLI, including various other transmission line accessories.

Why should you use MS Grating?

Before we jump on to the use of MS Grating, we will discuss what grating actually means in civil engineering terms. Gratings can be defined as a set of parallel running straight elements, provided with a considerable gap between them. The group is completed in a grating when a perpendicular set of features is superimposed over the existing one.

By now, you certainly know why Shield Wire Earthing is used by many people. Now, we will discuss how MS Grating is also quite popular among people and why it is used by them.

MS Grating is the short form for “Mild Steel Grating”. They are made in such a way that they are resistant to corrosion and heat resistant. These features provide them with the efficiency to work in extreme working conditions.

MS Grating at VLI 

We come among the finest manufacturers and service providers and are considered one of the best among the customers for supplying the most acceptable range of MS Grating. 

The gratings that are manufactured here are made with the use of advanced technologies. This is done to deliver our customers the product of the highest class. 

Customer Satisfaction is undoubtedly one of our main focuses, so we take their suggestion to develop the product they need. These gratings are made in such a way that they can be used for versatile purposes.


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