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Why Is Oracle MCS So Popular Among Developers?

We live in an era of smartphones and tablets. You will hardly find someone using a feature phone today. This trend has given rise to more and more mobile apps development and support services being introduced with each passing day. As a result, many cloud and managed services have been launched in the past few years. One such service is Oracle Mobile Cloud Service (MCS) which was released in 2015.

In a short period of five years, the cloud service has become rapidly popular among the masses. The service is available for both iOS and Android platforms. Be it an Android app or an iOS mobile application, you can develop it all using Oracle Mobile Cloud Service. You can opt for Oracle Cloud training Dubai and learn more about how to make use of it for efficiently developing applications.

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Why Is MCS Used?

MCS can be used for a number of purposes where a cloud infrastructure is required. It provides the developers with a platform for developing mobile apps. Your development team can focus on the development part without worrying about the security and privacy. MCS has many built-in APIs for data sync, data offline, push notifications, mobile user engagement and more. The service is useful for different mobile roles that include mobile app developers, mobile strategy developers, mobile service developers, mobile enterprise architects, and mobile cloud admins.

What’s So Special About MCS?

One of the biggest challenges with an IT product and service provider in UAE while building mobile apps is lack of time. Your developers may need to frequently connect the app to the back end which is very time-consuming. Rather than connecting to the back end, if they focus on building apps, the process will be quicker and simpler. That’s where MCS marks a strong presence. With Oracle Mobile Cloud, it is easier to build mobile apps as it is Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS). As MCS provides a perfect set of mobile app development infrastructure and client development services, mobile app developers can concentrate on design and creativity. You can trust MCS for integrated security and useful customer engagement measurement features. Highlights of Oracle Mobile Cloud are:

  • Better Mobile User Management using built-in “Platform APIs”
  • Provides Sufficient Database Storage
  • Authentication & Authorization
  • Content Storage
  • Offline Data Storage & Syncing
  • Deep Insights & Data Analytics

Apart from the built-in APIs, one can also wirte custom APIs using javascript. These APIs help developers in quickly connecting, shaping and transforming the backend data before exposing this data as a RESTful API to the mobile app. So, if you are looking for an easy, cloud-based mobile app development platform to use in your business, you can contact an Oracle consulting partner in Middle East and opt for Oracle Mobile Cloud Service for your organization. Following that, you can arrange Oracle Cloud training Dubai for your employees and ensure better outcomes.

Another best part of using MCS for mobile app development is its offline feature. You must have faced network problems while using a mobile application for  business purpose. It is among the most common problems in businesses that work using mobile apps. MCS, however, completely eliminates this problem. The service allows building apps that come with offline features. It means all your employees can perform tasks without waiting for the network to be re-established using the offline mode of their mobile apps. Using the location service, companies can easily get attendance records for their employees and ensure better communication by providing relevant data at the right time.

What Are The Advantages?

Oracle MCS is a cloud platform that comes with easy and secure features. There are many advantages of using MCS for developing mobile apps that include:

  • Developers can quickly create custom APIs with zero code using Express API Designer.
  • It integrates with Syniverse that allows sending SMS to all the mobile application users irrespective of the platform they are using.
  • MCS makes it easy to make the required changes in an already published backend. Most of the times, reinstallation of client apps is not required to do this.

In a nutshell, MCS helps save time and get better outcomes. It offers better efficiency as compared to native approaches in terms of time consumption and productivity.

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