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Which Season to Choose for Pruning the Trees?

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If you have a yard full of trees, it becomes mandatory to take care of them. You cannot leave them to breathe and survive on their own. If there is any kind of improper maintenance, it will create an environment that is dangerous or may lead to the loss of trees. So, if you do not take care of the trees, it will cost you a lot in the future and also make the house prone to wildfires.

Hire an affordable tree care service and keep your surroundings healthy for years to come.

Dormant Pruning

When we talk about dormant pruning, it is a process of pruning those trees that surround your home on a routine basis. Dormant pruning is conducted when the trees are not actively growing which is at the time of winter and late fall seasons. The dormant cycle of every tree is affected by its overall health, size, type, and age. If you want to establish the right season for dormant pruning, it is important to call one of the best tree trimming services Ottawa has ever seen. The professional team of Hedge King Ottawa will always take care of your trees. Its goal is to make sure that the property trees always remain strong and healthy through dormant pruning.

Young Trees in Winter Season

Trees that are young should be well taken care of. It is important for them to get enough oxygen. If there is suddenly too much water, that can prevent the roots from getting proper oxygen. When the trees are newly planted, they do not really react well to big climatic changes. If you spread enough mulch (approximately 2 to 3 inches), that will give the roots an extra layer of protection. With extra warmth in the trees, the water present inside the soil will not get cold for the roots. If you know that it is the season of showers, the mulch will slow down the rate of soil absorption. It will also protect the development of roots.

3 Benefits of Tree Pruning in Winters

There are multiple benefits of pruning trees in winters. Always schedule a meeting with an affordable tree care service like Hedge King Ottawa before winters begin. Here are the 3 benefits –

  1. Quick Healing: During the winter season, trees are in their resting phase. So, when you indulge in dormant pruning, it results in minimal stress on the trees and less loss of sap. This time gives the trees an opportunity to rejuvenate after the pruning process. They use this to save up the energy to grow strong and healthy foliage as well as limbs.
  2. Improved Visibility: If you prune the trees on a regular basis, it will give the property a manicured and clean look even in a dry season. Pruning in winters removes the dense branches as well as weak limbs so that there are possible hazards. It also helps in increasing the sunlight which falls on the lower vegetation to make sure that the entire landscape is healthy and luscious.
  3. Limiting Pest Possibility: Who likes pests? During the winter season, the possibility of pests spreading across reduces. Since insects are really active during spring, if you prune in that season, it gives them easy access to the trees. Whereas, winter pruning reduces the chance of invasive species infecting the trees.

Importance of Tree Pruning in Ottawa

Pruning of trees is an important part of tree care, here is why –

  • Promotion of healthy growth – Proper techniques of pruning support strong growth during the time of the year when trees grow actively. If you establish a proper pruning routine when the trees are young, it will help in guiding the trees towards a healthy crown growth. This method will also encourage them to create a pleasant-looking and nourished landscape development around the house.
  • Maintain Safety – It is important to get indulged in regular pruning of trees for maintenance of health and safety around the house. If you neglect the dead branches and do not prune them on time, it can lead to them falling off at any point in time. It will not only pose a risk for the trees but the structure of the property, your family, surroundings, and roadways as well. It is advisable to hire one of the best professional tree trimming services Ottawa can offer to give you peace of mind and safety.

If you are looking for an affordable tree care service in Ottawa, it is time to contact Hedge King Ottawa. Our team of expert arborists will inspect your lawn and trim or cut down the trees as required.

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