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Which API Payment Solution To Choose?

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We recommend that our customers use a payment solution with API integration for their site or application. We explain why.

What is an API payment system?

When you implement a payment system, also called a payment gateway, you have the choice between 2 solutions:

  • An external page of the bank: when the user clicks on the “pay” button, he is redirected directly to a page of the bank with the payment module. He then returns to the site after payment.
  • By API: everything happens on the site on which the consumer buys. The interface does not change. Through the API point, the site or application transmits payment information directly to the service.

Why choose an API payment module?

For user experience

This helps keep a smooth ride for the user. It doesn’t leave your site and go from step to step without thinking about it: the very definition of a successful user experience.

For your E-commerce tracking

As you may have already noticed, there is often a gap between the actual turnover generated and the figures of your statistical tracking tool, such as Google analytics. One of the recurring factors in this gap is the site’s exit from the user journey. If you do not use an API point, the user leaves the site at the time of payment, and if he chooses not to return to the site at the end of the payment, the tracker will lose track of the transaction.

For better performance

When you set up a payment module, your site or application will exchange information with the bank. This communication is done synchronously when there is an API operation, which avoids certain bugs or inconveniences. We explain:

  • By API, the user carries out the transaction, then your site checks directly with the bank the conformity of the information and proceeds to the payment. The transaction is done synchronously, the user immediately sees whether the payment worked or not.
  • When the user proceeds to payment on the bank page, when he returns to the site, the latter still verifies the transaction. In this case, it is an asynchronous processing, which can cause disappointments to the user. If the return from the bank’s server is too late, or if no transaction could be associated with the purchase, in this case the site indicates that the payment has failed.

API integration therefore avoids having to face these problems. At the payment stage, it would be a shame to lose your customer.

Comparison of some payment solutions

We have selected 4 payment solutions: Payline, Mango Pay, Lemonway, Stripe. Why them? Because we have tested them on certain projects, because they offer a complete service or because they are widely used; and because their prices are competitive. This list is obviously not exhaustive, it is quite possible that the service that suits you best is not listed here.

We also advise you to consult your bank so that they can make you a proposal, which you can at least compare with these solutions.

Which payment system to choose …

  • For an e-commerce site?

For payment on an e-commerce site or application, you can consult the offers of Payline, Lemonway and Stripe. The 3 services offer payment by credit card, visa, Mastercard and many other payment methods.

  • For a market place or crowdfunding?

For marketplaces and crowdfunding, the operation is a little different because your site is only an interface between the seller and the buyer (or the donor and the recipient). Since this is billing on behalf of a third party, the marketplace does not directly receive payment. It is first placed in escrow by the payment institution. The funds are then shared between the seller and the marketplace.

This service is offered by Lemonway or Mango Pay, which we have used for example for Rebelote, the platform for selling second-hand products.

  • What if I have recurring payments (subscriptions)?

When your site or application offers a subscription, it is necessary to have a payment solution that processes recurring payments. The 4 selected services manage recurring payment: Payline, Mango Pay, Lemonway and Stripe.

  • What if I want to offer payments in installments?

Payment in installments is handled by Lemonway, Payline and Mango Pay.

Note : API operation or even recurring payment are not always offered in the basic mobile app development California payment solutions. So be sure to ask the question and take the appropriate option, if necessary.

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