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Where in The World Are Your Keys Hiding?

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Given you have a lot of things on your mind. This can leave little room for remembering where you left your keys last when you walked into your office ready to start a brand new day or at the end of the day when you walked through the door of your house, tired and in need of sleep. In between these routine tasks, it isn’t always easy to keep a track of these small but significant things. However, the good news is that you don’t really have to pay attention. Not when you have the Seekit Loop at your service, ready to help you out during these frustrating moments.

So the next time you are worried sick wondering where your keys are hiding, let Panasonic’s Seekit Loop help answer the question of how find my keys in an effortless manner.

So, can I only find my keys with the Seekit Loop?

The Seekit Loop ensures your key finding expeditions are a breeze but besides this, it also makes it possible for you to search for your pets and speakers too. In this way, it can be advantageous in multiple ways so you don’t have to worry that you are spending your money on a device that fits only a single purpose.

How do you get the Seekit Loop to function?

It is very easy to master how to use the Seekit Loop. Simply pair it to the Seekit app. After pairing it, you obtain a map on the app. This gives you an in-depth understanding of where exactly the tracker is.

What happens if you cannot find the tracker?

If you cannot find the tracker on the map, you even have the option of making it buzz. This ensures you can hear where it is and make the search process even more convenient.

Does the app happen to be overly complicated to understand?

No, it isn’t at all. The app is extremely easy to utilize and comes with a simple and uncomplicated interface. Besides this, it also has a neatly laid out menu.

On what smartphones does the tracker work on?

You won’t experience any problems pairing the tracker to your smartphone because it works well on both Android as well as iOS devices.

What is the Seekit Loop made of?

The Seekit Loop is put together from high-quality plastic and comprises of a soft touch and feel. The multifunction button on the tracker ensures you can easily turn the device off and on.

What does the tracker look like?

The tracker comes with an oval shape. This makes it easy to hook it onto your keys in an uncomplicated manner. This, in turn, ensures it is portable enough to carry it around wherever you go.

What are some other cool things about this device?

The tracker lasts for a good 12 months or so owing to the fact that it comes equipped with a CR1632 cell. Other than this, it is waterproof in nature and comes with an IP65 rating.

What are some of the features that make the Loop interesting?

The device comes with a Last Seen Location feature, a Separation Indicator feature, a Proximity Guidance feature as well as Crowd GPS. Besides this, it lets you send SOS alerts and click selfies.

If you need further information about the Seekit Loop and its key finder app, head to the Panasonic website.

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