What to go for Shared Hosting vs VPS or Dedicated Hosting?

No matter what the technology has shown its drastic behavior over the past few years and with the coming years we will continue seeing the inventions in the technical field. These technological innovations no doubt has given the fruitful results in the long run and helps a lot in the business expansion.

As a result of these, there are several hosting technologies that are able to garner the attention of the many businesses and that is none other than the shared, dedicated and VPS hosting.

Now the main question arises- which one is the best to use? It is really essential to know a bit about these types hosting a little bit before jumping into the final conclusion.

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  • VPS hosting– In this type of hosting, the physical server has a multiple VPS that has been created by the service providers and makes the users to access it after that. It has limited resources available. It facilitates the root access to their users which makes them free to install any software or operating system to perform any task. This option is costly in contrast to the shared hosting and let the user to enjoy several benefits. It does not have the full control over the server.
  • Shared hosting– As the name itself predicts that it is a kind of hosting that involves sharing of a single server by the multiple users. The users will be granted a separate directory where they can store their relevant data files. It is a budget-friendly option as there are several users which are making the use of the single server so they can share the overall cost. Similar to that of VPS hosting, it does not have a full control on the server.
  • Dedicated hosting– In this type, the entire physical server is not shared by any other person except the user who leases it. It has a full control over their server and has the wide options to choose for the hardware, operating system, software etc in comparison to the VPS and shared hosting. This type is the most expensive one as you are not sharing this server with anybody so you have to pay the entire cost of utilizing.

Let us consider some of the factors for deciding which type of hosting meets with the business requirements:

Which of them is the cost-effective option?

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The price is definitely a very big constraint and the start-ups who are always looking for the cost-cutter methods so that they can earn more profit in their business making. In terms of the pocket-friendliness, the shared and the VPS hosting is more convenient option and saves a lot of money of the users as you don’t have to pay all alone. There are other users too who will bear the billing too.

Which is more scalable?

As far as the scalability is concerned, the dedicated hosting is the best option in contrast to the other two.  With the dedicated server, you can enjoy adding of the resources like software, hardware, operating systems etc.

Which is a secure option?

The security is one of the major concerns of the users. The VPS and shared hosting provides a moderate safety but when it comes to the dedicated hosting, it offers a highly secure environment from the rest of the two.

Suitability factor:

When it is about the suitability then VPS hosting is appropriate for the websites that is having a medium level of the traffic while the dedicated hosting is right fit for the websites that are having a large number of traffic on a daily basis like Ecommerce one.

So, the dedicated server is super-suited for the big MNC’S that needs to handle a large number of traffic.

Bandwidth and disk space:

The shard and the VPS hosting allocates only a limited bandwidth and disk space as there are a large number of users and it is distributed between them but with the dedicated hosting, there is only one user on the server so there is ample amount of bandwidth as well as the disk space for the user.

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Technical knowledge:

With the shared hosting, you don’t need to master in the technical field as the security and the maintenance part will be the headache of the service providers. But with the dedicated servers, you need to hold a good knowledge of the technicalities involved like administrating and managing of the servers. Although, there are plans available for the managed dedicated hosting but that will cost too much.

Performance of the server:

As the shared and VPS hosting will share the resources which can easily drain out the bandwidth which will lead to slower response as well as the loading time. This situation does not happen with the dedicated hosting.

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