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What Kind of Bed Frame Material Should You Get?

The bed frame is one of the most important parts of your bedroom furniture collection and you must put in considerable time and research so that you purchase the perfect bed frame. While browsing for the perfect bed frame you might wonder what kind of material you should select for your bed frame- would a wooden bed frame of queen size be the perfect one or would you give the metal ones a try!

In this article let us take a look at the different Bed frame materials easily available in New Zealand and the positives and negatives of each kind of material:

  • Wooden Bed Frames
    A wooden bed frame is a typical classic bed frame material tried and tested for ages. It can be a perfect type for someone who wants reliable and long-lasting material without having to compromise on style and cost. In New Zealand, multiple companies offer wooden bed frames and there is variety in the wood type too. For instance, you can always go for homegrown radiata pine wood or opt for American ash timber. If you are looking for an environmentally sustainable product then you can go for the wooden material certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council.
    However, there are several significant cons to buying a wooden frame. Firstly, wooden frames can be heavy and bulky which makes them very difficult to maneuver in and around the house. Secondly, wooden frames do have the problem of developing cracks or wholes out of nowhere. No matter how sturdy the wood is, it might develop cracks based on weather conditions or bug attacks.
  • Metal Bed Frames
    Metal is a very interesting choice when it comes to selecting bed frame material. It is undoubtedly more durable compared to its wooden counterparts and more importantly, it is very lightweight which makes it easy to maneuver. It might not develop cracks and holes as easily and it does not get affected by bugs. Metal frames are also preferred by many for their adjustability.
    While metal has many strong points when compared to wood, it lacks all the features that wood has to offer. For instance, metal beds will have design limitations and if not checked may be too uncomfortable to sleep in. Metal beds can destroy mattresses if the platform is not designed properly and if not, careful you might have to buy a mattress every year. Another interesting negative point of metal beds is that they can develop rust very soon. There are other hazards linked to the metal as well. It can be squeaky and can make an annoying noise every time you turn on your bed. Some theories also point out that it might be toxic too due to exposure to an increased amount of electromagnetic radiation.
  • Upholstered and Leather
    Upholstered beds have increasingly gained popularity for the variety of choices in color and fabric material it offers. They are super comfortable too and if you are someone who likes to read or work on a bed then an upholstered bed can be a perfect choice. Moreover, if you want to keep a style statement in your bedroom then upholstered beds are the perfect ones to do so. Bed frames covered in leather look very sophisticated and look super cool.
    However, upholstered and leather beds do have their fair share of negative points. For instance, upholstered beds are not as sturdy as metal or wooden ones and may suffer from wear and tear quite easily. Another point to look after is that upholstered beds require regular cleaning and even vacuuming to get rid of all the dust, they will collect every day. More importantly, they can get stained very easily thus may become a costly affair!

Selecting the correct bed frame material is very important because depending on it you can decide if you would require extra storage or if you would like to add a headboard. The durability of your mattress also depends on your bedframe material. You can consult a reputed brand like Elegant Furniture in New Zealand to select the right bed frame material that will not only suit you but also let you select the best possible option with the least number of hazards!


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