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What is Cognitive Dementia?

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Cognitive dementia can be perplexing and frightening. It might make you lose your independence and freedom and make you a burden to your children or other family members.

You will learn the facts regarding cognitive dementia as you read. You’ll learn about many sorts and their reasons. You might be relieved to know that you can either delay or altogether avoid dementia!

Cognitive Dementia

The loss of mental abilities is known as cognitive dementia. The inability to think, recall, or reason. Dementia is a mental illness that impairs one’s capacity to carry out daily tasks.The reduced ability to fulfill everyday events must last for more than six months.It is a group of symptoms that go along with certain diseases or conditions. Changes in mood, attitude, and conduct can all be signs of dementia.

When numerous variables, such as infections, diseases, or age, impact different brain areas, cognitive dementia develops. The following are examples of areas of the brain that are implicated in dementia:

  • A new kitchen appliance is proving to be challenging to master.
  • You’re having trouble recalling where you’ve lived in the last several years.
  • Decision-making;being unable to make decisions that were once uncomplicated.
  • In the middle of a sentence,you are pausing to find words.


What Are the Types of Cognitive Dementia?

Cognitive dementia is divided into two categories. The classification is based on which portion of the brain is affected:

Cortical dementias.

The cerebral cortex transforms; it plays a primary role in cognitive functions such as memory and communication. Memory loss is common in patients with cortical dementia. These patients also have trouble remembering words and understanding everyday discourse. It is known as aphasia.

Cortical dementia includes Alzheimer’s disease and Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease.

Sub-cortical dementias.

Sub-cortical dementias include Huntington’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and the AIDS dementia complex. In some situations, both sides of the brain are damaged. Multi-infarct dementia is one example.The cortex is not the only part of the brain that gets affected. These patients’ personalities and attention spans have shifted. Their thinking becomes more sluggish. They may not exhibit the same levels of memory loss and language difficulties as cortical dementias.


Causes of Cognitive Dementia

Alzheimer’s disease is the culprit of 50 to 70% of all dementia cases. Dr. Arun Kumar Sharma is a renowned neurologist who has diagnosed and successfully treated a large number of patients with Dementia in Dubai; he states the most common causes of cognitive dementia:

  • Chronic drug use.
  • Depression.
  • Normal aging.
  • Nervous system. Alzheimer’s disease, dementia with Lewy Bodies, Parkinson’s disease, and Huntington’s disease are among them.
  • Vascular (blood-flow) problems Multiple-infarct dementia, for example, is caused by multiple brain strokes.
  • Hydrocephalus of several forms. An accumulation of fluid in the brain causes this condition. Fluid buildup can be caused by developmental abnormalities, infections, injuries, or brain tumors.

How Common is Cognitive Dementia?

The majority of people who get cognitive dementia are old. It’s always been the case. It’s become even more common among the elderly in recent years. According to a current prediction, the number of dementia patients will increase every 20 years.

Around the age of 35, age-related cognitive dementia begins. It progresses so slowly that it isn’t noticed until it begins to interfere with daily activities. Itusually occurs around the age abovesixty years.

Dementia affects about 5% to 8% of persons over the age of 65. Above the age of 65, this number doubles every five years. Dementia affects up to 50% of adults aged 85 or older, according to estimates.

Some researchers think that half of the people over age 80 will get Alzheimer’s disease.

Reversible Causes of Cognitive Dementia

The majority of people assumed that cognitive dementia was a lifelong condition,especially when it’s the result of a disease or an injury. However, growing research over the last few years suggests that this isn’t always the case. Dr. Arun Sharma,the Best neurologist doctor in Dubai, has helped hundreds of patients to recover from dementia. If done correctly, brain training can help you form new connections and reconnect with existing ones. There are no assurances in this world.However, there is hope.

Cognitive dementia may also be reversible if caused by:

  • Alcohol
  • Vitamin imbalances.
  • Aging
  • Drugs
  • Depression
  • Hormone imbalances.

Dementia can be partially cured by treating the causes. Consult the Best neurologist in Dubai who may advise beneficial therapies that may even eliminate it. Drug users, for example, can reverse dementia by treating their addiction.

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