What Are The Benefits of Getting A Patent

You all know that Television was invented by John Logie Baird, similarly radio was invented by Guglielmo Marconi and so on… but how do we acknowledge that the particular machine or anything was invented by a particular person? This is done by Patent.

What is a patent?

Patent is a government authority or license giving a title or right for a certain period. Patent is done for the sole purpose exclude others from using, making, or selling an invention.

In simple words, it’s a legal protection.

Education is not only the one that can make you capable of inventing something, even an illiterate person can invent or discover something by his own experience. It is not exclusive for researchers and scientists.

So, to acknowledge the innovative spirit and creativity of a person commercially we need a proof and this proof is nothing but a patent.

marka tescil(word from Turkish law): It is a trademark registration. A document by which a person requests a federal trademark registration, to receive a filing date.

patent alma: a published statutory invention registration contains the specification and drawings of a regularly filed non-provisional application for a patent without examination if the applicant

  1. Meets the requirements of the section 112 in Turkish law.
  2. Has complied with the requirements for printing: as set forth in regulations of the commissioner
  3. Waives the right to receive a patent on the invention within such period as may be described by the commissioner (patent alma).
  4. Pays application, publication and other processing fees established by the commissioner.

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One more thing regarding patent which must be kept in mind is that the invention has to fulfill certain standard to be granted with a patent.

Some of the standards are:

  • The invention does not exists in the past and must be new relating to a particular technical field.
  • The invention should at least be useful or applicable on the industrial scale if not revolutionary.

In under developing countries, it is important to utilize patent information its ignorance causes a major problem.

As the patent information contains title, abstract, description and drawings which contain one or more specially-prepared figures filed as apart of a patent application to explain and describe the invention, are very useful for small and medium enterprises.

Printing press patent 1914

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Benefits of patent information:

  • Researching regarding a particular topic is reduced to a great extent as it is already known through patent information.
  • We can improve or discover alternate technologies as patent information provides the basic idea, thus helping us get ideas for further innovation.
  • If we are looking for solutions to technical problems, maybe the patent information contains it, you never know.
  • As patents are granted only for a particular time, the expired patents are good to use the research and anyone can make use of the invention.

Turkish laws describing marka tescil and patent alma are very much useful. So, we need to acknowledge the benefits of getting a patent and utilizing the patent information to increase our knowledge and give the world new revolutionary inventions and enlighten with discoveries.

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