What is web hosting?

Web hosting is a system that provides the services and technologies that allows organizations and individuals to post their website or a web page on the internet. Web hosting helps a website or a web page to be viewed on the internet and where these websites are hosted or stored is known as a server.

Any internet user who wants to take an outlook of your website, all they need to do is just type your website address or domain name into their browser. And then their computer will automatically connect to your server and your web page would be conveyed to them through the browser. Basically, web hosting is a space that stores your website data on the internet, that helps people to view your website whenever they enter your domain name on their browser and then the will get directed to your web page. There are so many companies who provided you best web hosting like GoDaddy, Bluehost, Ipage and Hostgator etc. For attracting more customers the company provide them discount codes and coupon like Hostgator Coupons for making your web hosting plan cheaper.


Many people think that registering a domain name for their website is enough to get it active on the internet but they need to understand that a domain name is only good to recognize you by other people. In order to be viewed your website on the internet, you need to make your website active or live through hosting.  Web hosts usually charge for the services they provide to users. As we know there are multiple choices available to get hosting services, it’s not required to buy something expensive you just need to do a little bit research one can get the best web hosting services at an affordable cost.

So whenever you are buying web hosting just try not to get tricked into buying more than what you actually need. And when you hire any web hosting company they will maintain all backend department, including the maintenance and repair of the server. So basically we can say that web hosts are arranged it make your life easier and helps to make it hassle-free.


Prefer any of these according to your requirements

  • Website builder
  • Shared hosting
  • Dedicated hosting
  • Collocated hosting

Website builder

The website builder is that kind of hosting service that helps beginners who need to host a website but because of lack of technical skills and knowledge about automation, they couldn’t build a website. They are ideal for anyone who needs to build a website in a short time.

Shared hosting

Shared hosting is that type of service in which they provide pages for multiple websites and each website has it’s own internet and domain name, from a single web server. We can say that shared hosting less expensive than another hosting.

Dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting has an option in which organizations can hire an entire server, which is often placed in a data center. The host not only provides the server also provides administration and other services and gives total control over the server. A dedicated server can be less expensive.

Collocated hosting

The collocated server is excellent for those companies who have enough budget and resources for managing the server along. In this kind of server, you purchase your own server and you will be the responsible for the server for itself. There is an advantage of this type of server that you can install any scripts or applications and have full control on the server.

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