Web Developers Versus Web Designers- Which One to Hire and When

Web Developers Versus Web Designers: Which One to Hire and When?

While looking for website designing services, we often come across two terms, web developer and web designer, which can be confusing. There is a difference between these two terminologies and which one to avail should be understood before you go for digital marketing.

Both professionals work on building websites however their functionality can get confusing.

Who are web developers?

Web developers work on website structuring, by making use of coding and other creative tools that help in making a website user-friendly. The main  function of the developers is to make use of their knowledge about programming and combine it with their creative vision to breathe life into your website. They are like construction workers that work on the core structuring of your website.

Specific roles of web developers

Backend developers

Web developers work on designing youressential structures. They make use of complex programming and software such as Java and SQL. Their work is usually invisible as they make use of coding on servers instead of browsers.

So basically with back-end web developers their job is to work on the logical and functional part on the website by making use of various programs. The impact test and fix bugs as well

Front end developers

Also, called client-side development is more linked to designing by making use of programs like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to add some visual appeal to its appearance, so basically friend front end developers make use of coding to build a framework that is more interactive

Full-stack developers

they work on diverse layering that comprises of both the front and back end of your website. They handle the function of both front-end developers as well as back-end developers.

Who are web designers?

web designers work on beautification of your website.Theyare like architects that work on styling your website, by making them more attractive and appealing to your audience.Theymake use of software such as Photoshop to customize visual elements and coding applications like HTML and CSS for creating unique designs

Who do you need to be a Web Designer or web developer?

Well now that you know the distinction between a designer and a web developer it is important to know which one to hire to make this process more efficient and easy. Sometimes you require the service of both a professional web developer as well as a designer because building a website without putting your ideas into it is not appealing. Therefore, while working from scratch you need to avail service for both these professionals.

Hiring a web design agency can be helpful as they manage all your marketing needs and functionalities under the same roof

When do you require a web designer?

In case you are looking for changing and designing a new layout for your homepage, look for web designers. They also work on your company’s branding process to encourage potential audiences to choose your service among your competitors. Apart from these, they also help in editing pictures and videos to make them more appealing.

When should you look for a web developer?

In case when you want to develop a user-friendly mobile application for your website, or want to fix any server, hosting issues to creating a new contact, this is where a web developer can be helpful

In conclusion

Now that you are aware about the major difference between a web developer and a web designer, choosing them can be easy. Web developers develop your website from the basics whereas a designer works on bringing out your brand Impression into reality. The web developer is more into programming found whereas a designer is more into making your website more appealing.

Just like tea and sugar from time to time you need to avail the service of both of these professionals while developing a website for your brand.

So if you have any marketing needs in Dubai, figure out your requirements and pick accordingly, whether you want to go for a web developer in Dubai or a web designer in Dubai.

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