Warning! Dirty Carpets can Make you very Sick!

Carpets installed in the home or office face good amount of wear and tear. With regular traffic from housemates, pets and little ones, these carpets tend to attract a lot of dirt, stains, and much more. From the environment, these accumulate pollens, bacteria, fungus, and many allergens.

Most people do not know how challenging this can be. They do not know that ignoring professional cleaning can ultimately produce irreparable damage to the carpet and even void the manufacturer warranty. Regular cleaning will help carpets retain that novel look, original feel and smell.

Keeping the carpets clean is important for several reasons. The most important of all is health. Living in a house with dirty carpets can be immensely harmful for your health. Here’s what you need to know about dirty carpets:

1. Carpets can make you Ill!

Since most carpets harbor many germs, you can get seriously ill. Carpets trap damaging air pollutants such as fungi, pollen, chemicals, pollen, bacteria, cigarette smoke, tars, and residues. Regular professional carpet cleaning is the only way to clean them properly and keep diseases at bay.

2. Harmful for Allergy Patients

Unclean carpets can be a serious health issue for allergy, asthma, eczema and rhinitis patients. Carpets have a tendency to harbor dust mites over time. Droppings of these can trigger asthma attacks. Allergy-inflaming proteins get trapped in the carpet and trigger asthma, rhinitis, and eczema attacks. Environmental allergies may become worse and lead to serious health issues. In many cases, dirty carpets are the sole reason healthy individuals develop serious health conditions.

3. Contaminate your Food

Most people do not know that their carpets are dirty. They are also unaware of what their carpets carry. Spilt food on dirty carpets may be accidentally consumed by your kids and pets. However, it is not just the food they eat. The food gets contaminated by the dirt and bacteria on carpet. This food makes the body ill after the babies and pets put it into their stomach. Bacteria can survive for up to 4 weeks on carpets. In case, there are bacteria in your stomach, it will definitely get on your food. Make sure you clean the carpets on regular basis. Get in touch with professionals for the same.

4. Inhaling Germs

You or your guests may walk on carpets while wearing outdoor shoes. The dirt is ground into the carpet. Vacuuming alone cannot get rid of this. Most people move furniture around on carpets to cover stains instead of making efforts to clean them. This gives rise to harmful germs which you and your family inhale. Make sure the spills are cleaned immediately. This is important to prevent any buildup and prevent stubborn stains from forming. The best solution is to call a reputed company offering carpet cleaning in Newcastle.

5. Home to The Norovirus

Norovirus or the Norwalk virus is a potential threat to your health. It causes symptoms similar to food poisoning or more serious stomach flu. This virus can easily survive in your carpet for around 4-6 weeks. As people roll across the virus (on carpet), it can become airborne and more dangerous.

6. Carpets Attract More Bugs than a Regular Toilet Seat

Did you know a carpet is a germ hotspot? Yes, research has revealed that a carpet installed at home or office is 4,000 times dirtier than a regular toilet seat! Additionally, your carpet can also have several organisms thriving on it.

Dirty carpets can harm you and your family’s health in many ways. So get these cleaned by professionals without delay.

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