Want to dress this world with your designs?

What else can be more satisfying than wearing your own designed clothes? I know you might be thinking that there are a lot of things that are satisfying than that but let’s accept it that it does give us happy vibes which are priceless. Fashion designing is in trend and is given all sorts of importance since 1858, creating your design into an outfit is a journey where your hard work and creativity is needed. From designing the outfit on a paper to turn it into a real dress, it is not at all easy turning your ideas into a reality when you are working on a design.  Although people are comfortable with ready-to-wear clothes but nowadays, haute-couture is in trend and people are really digging it. Designing a cloth is hard but can be fun once you are really into it. Choosing the right fabric and thinking about the materials to be used on it to enhance your design is like playing a mind game. Right fabric tailored with perfect shape, color, pattern, and decoration will create a design that can set a new trend in public. Your design should be crafted in a way that looks rich and classy and yet can be worn every day. The Art of implementing aesthetic, a new genre, and design to a dress or its accessories is what fashion designing is. So, you have to be wise enough to use the right amount of shades and patterns so, that the audience gets astounded by your work.

This process of tailoring, mending and sewing your fabric slowly takes you to the part where you have this beautiful apparel ready to be worn. You can either get it done by doing it manually or by the help of machines. Keep in mind to choose the right material and yes, don’t forget to add sparkle or glitter to your cloth as it embraces the design. You can add a Swarovski hotfix, acrylic pearls, neon threads or sequins, anything to add a fancy yet classic look to adorn your outfit. Combine these materials in a way that enhances the charm of your dress so the world can enter a whole new trend of fashion and style. Be it clothing or jewelry, you need to take care of the materials you use and the way you use them. Garments define a person’s personality, so keep coming up with different styles, colors, patterns and designs that can be worn by everyone. A decorative embroidery or amalgamation of different beads and material can enhance your dress. Never hesitate to try new things and colors as playing around patterns and fabrics can give you an innovative idea which means a new stylish outfit.

Talking about jewelry or accessories, you should think about the beautiful look as well as if it will be worn. If you designed something that looks rich and fancy but cannot be worn or used, then what is the point of creating something like that? When it comes to jewelry, the more casual yet pretty it looks the more people will love it. A little bit of sparkle is alright but not a flashy jewelry, most of the population is not into that anymore. For example: If you are thinking about designing a necklace, then try adding simple Swarovski hotfix crystals, bezel connectors, or just a simple stone embedded in the pendant. You can try to mix the old school style with new the culture, creating something different yet amazing. You play with different yarn or threads and can craft beautiful embroidery on a fabric, which will embrace its beauty and brings out a tribal or traditional art.

Be optimistic, innovative and hard-working when it comes to designing attire. If you believe that you have the capability of what it takes to be a designer and that you think out-of-the-box, then bring out your creativity and dress this world with your own designed apparels and accessories.

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