Want To Stay In Shape? Try Dancing As Your Fitness Routine

The best way to stay in shape is to exercise regularly and eat the right foods. Certainly that’s easier to say than to do! Food that’s good for you often doesn’t taste very good. Activity that is good for you is tiring, it makes you sweat, and it isn’t fun. But there’s a way around these things.

Firstly, have you ever had a drink after you were riding a bike up a hill, working under the hot sun, or something else strenuous? When you’re thirsty, it’s best if the water is cold; but it will still refresh you if it’s lukewarm and tasteless, won’t it? Instead of having a proclivity for that which has flavor, when your body is in need, it just wants moisture.

Well, the same thing goes for food when you deny yourself. All you need is a little bit of food a day. You don’t need three thousand calories. Two thousand is high for some people—though that’s what most nutrition facts are based on when you read the label on a given food item.

If you eat after you’ve exercised, it’s like drinking when it’s hot outside. Your body simply craves the calories; suddenly that which doesn’t taste good, or isn’t necessarily of that sweet quality associated with junk food, is the best meal you’ve ever eaten. See, you can use activity to get around that which you wouldn’t prefer otherwise. This same strategy can be used to get yourself in shape; and this is especially achievable through dance.

Dance Your Way To Health

Dance in a professional sense requires as many hours as a conventional day-job. Ballet dancers will be in the studio forty hours a week. A concerted regimen of exercise will usually not push a given person more than an hour a day throughout the week. See, dance is an art—it’s not about getting in shape, it’s about being aesthetically pleasing.

Good health develops as a byproduct of discipline in dancing. Instead of focusing on your calories, how long you spent on the treadmill, what your maximum lift-rating is, or anything conventionally tied up in exercise at the gym, you just hit the studio and practice your choreography until you’ve got it cold.

When you do this, you make your body tired. It then desires food and water. If you’re careful to feed yourself with pure foods that aren’t processed, then you’ll give your body the fuel it needs for recovery. While your mind is focused on the fun and beauty of dance, your body is getting healthy, and you don’t have to exercise the painful willpower necessary to push through physical barriers. Instead, you’re focused on the moves.

Now there are multiple kinds of dance out there; as you go about determining that which is best for you, you’ll need to get the right gear as well. You’ll want clothing that breathes, allows you to move, and looks right. Additionally, it’s absolutely fundamental that you acquire the right shoes.

Equipping Yourself For Success

A good pair of dance sneakers can be integral—you can find some at JustForKix.com; according to the site, their dance shoes: “…run the gamut and include jazz, ballet, tap, and hip-hop offerings. We carry almost everything in our catalog and supply our shoes in all kinds of colors and styles. We understand exactly what type of footwear you’ll need…”

When it comes to health, you’re going to do better if you’re climbing a mountain with a view at the top, than if you’re climbing a stair master with a blank wall in front of you. You need to stimulate the mind, and that toward an objective. They’ve found a giving heart is key to health. Well, an engaged mind is likewise key to physical excellence. Dance does this through beauty, and the joy of the movement.

That which defines your physical and mental wellbeing has an artistic component, this is undeniable. Exploiting that through activities like dance can be the best way to fully unlock your total potential, while simultaneously making the process of bettering yourself less difficult.

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