Want to Eat Vegan at Restaurant? Know How to Eat Delicious Food, Not Salad

Restaurants have several types of menu. Whether you are veg or non-veg, you can have foods of your choice. Even if you choose a vegetarian home delivery option, you will get lots of options that will make you feel happy about your food. If you are planning to dine out or ordering food at home, you can look for the pure veg restaurants which can prepare different types of recipes only with veg items. You may get confused while ordering veg item and often end up only with salad. But, no more salads now. Treat it as a side dish and indulge yourself in pizza, pasta and whatever you like; yes, all are for vegans. How to order? Read on to know more-

  1. Make a Call

This is the first thing you should do after choosing the restaurant. Call there and know whether they serve delicious vegan items or not. Calling ahead will help you to change your plans if the chosen restaurant doesn’t prepare any vegan items. If you have visited the restaurant already and have a rapport, you can even ask what’s on the menu ahead and then decide whether you are feeling to have those things or try something new.

  1. You Should Be Clear about Your Food Habits

There are vegans who don’t even include onions and garlic in their menu. Are you one of them? In that case, you should inform the restaurant earlier to avoid confusion and awkwardness. There are vegans who have eggs. So, you can tell them about your food habits before ordering and even have a seat and enjoy the drink.

  1. Be Polite and Patient

Often people don’t understand what vegan is. Instead of making any fuss and throwing any tantrums, you should ask them politely what they have on their menu and also provide the details of what you eat. They may not have heard the term but have certain things on their menu, or at least they can prepare it. So, if you be nice to them and talk politely, they will revert back nicely.

  1. Be Clever While Choosing Food

Maybe the restaurant doesn’t prepare vegan foods and you have no option than dining there only. You can be clever enough to turn the food into vegan ones. You can ask them politely to remove any dairy products and poultry products from your food. For example, if you are ordering buritto, you can replace the cheese and sour cream with guacamole. Even if you don’t find any main dishes under the vegan category, you may look for the side dishes.

  1. Look for the Vegan Restaurants

If you want to avoid any kind of fuss while ordering food, you just go through the internet and check out the vegan restaurants in your locality and around. If you want vegetarian meals delivered to your door, you should make sure you reach the right place.

So, no more salads and soups while eating vegan. Enjoy your delicious foods and give your taste buds a roller-coaster ride on weekends dinner.

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