Vizsla dog – a great canine companion

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As Richard Samet “Kinky” Friedman once said, “Money can buy you a fine dog, but only your love can make him wag his tail.” Dogs are indeed gentle creatures that will teach you what unconditional love is. When it comes to a dog, there is no wrong breed. However, it is still advised to do proper research before getting yourself a canine companion. Not for your comfort, but to be considerate about the little friend you will be bringing in. Not all dogs are suitable for apartments, similarly, not all breeds are running machines. When it comes to Vizsla puppies, they are considered an active and energetic dog breed that requires ample space to meet its physical exercise needs.

If you have ample space near your house, you can certainly look for Vizsla dog breeders near me” and get one for your family. Here are a few of the Vizsla dog traits that make them your perfect canine companion.

#1- Requires less maintenance

Vizsla dogs are great dogs for any household. They do not have a thick coat as a result they don’t shed as much as breeds with a dual coat. However, their coat feels soft and you get less shedding while petting them. You also don’t have to bathe them regularly to keep them from shedding; no extra care for their coat is typically required. Being a hunting dog, they love to explore, so it is important to keep an eye on them. 

#2- A great companion for physical activity

One thing that any Vizsla dog owner should keep in mind is the fact that this dog breed will not allow you to be a couch potato. They will keep you active as they demand a fair amount of physical exercise. Be ready for taking them out at least twice a day for a long walk and mix in some running and playing. Furthermore, if you have kids who love to play, they can be their perfect companions for them.

#3- An intelligent dog breed that needs to be socialized

In the dog intelligence level, they rank much higher. They are easy to train and quick to learn. They are quick to adapt and require regular mental stimulation. If you are getting yourself a Vizsla puppy, be ready to socialize them properly. If not done so, your dog will grow up to be anxious and shy which can lead to trouble around people and other dogs.

#4- Easy to train

Thanks to their high intelligence level, they are easy to train. Furthermore, they are quick to learn which makes them a great dog breed for first-time owners. They will adapt and understand the commands much faster and quicker making it easier for a first-time owner to potty train and teach them basic dog tricks like shaking hands and sitting on command. Consistency and reward training are key.


If you are a first-time owner and have decent space and time, the Vizsla dog breed is a great choice for you. Look for “Vizsla dog breeders near me” and get yourself a canine companion that will enrich your life and keep you fit for a longer time. 

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