Why and How to be Vigilant While Hiring Overseas Moving Company?

Have you ever moved with your belongings, i.e. household / domestic or business/office across the cities, states or even countries?

Sure you must have some time in your life. Whatever be the reasons for moving, one has to make a lot of arrangements in doing so, other than moving bags and baggage.

Isn’t our top most priority to ensure that our movement to overseas is smooth? The transition from our existing home to our new home or transferring office to a new country should be hassle-free.

Yes, of course, it ought to be. A lot of planning and vigilance is called for to be at little ease with all the anxiety associated with moving especially overseas.

The Whys and Hows to be vigilant while hiring overseas moving company go hand in hand in the discussion below:

 Is the moving company FIDI approved?

FIDI Accredited International Mover (FAIM) Quality Management Programme is the only certification committed to the overseas moving industry.

To be FIDI accredited, a company has to conform to more than 200 quality norms that take into consideration all aspects of operations about a moving company and customer services, procedures, training of the staff, vehicle and storehouse maintenance and prerequisites.

Thus all the FIDI approved companies will work to the exact flawless quality standards! So you can make sure that your goods are in safe hands!

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Why procure a minimum of three estimates or quotations from different companies for your moving needs?

It enables you to have the upper hand while negotiating as you have the information of prices prevailing in the market.

You get a chance to differentiate the prices, services offered and availability of the mover.

Also, it is equally significant to consider the years of service and recommendations made by people. One company may be specialized in packing fine arts and delicate antiques, but you have other requirements as well, be aware of the best budget and your needs put together.

Compare the similar attributes of different moving companies

Have you experienced or heard of other people’s experiences that companies which look inexpensive, by the end cost more!

It can be avoided by comparing the identical attributes. So get answers for:

  • Is the price of packing or unpacking inclusive?
  • Will your goods moved in their containers, or merged with other’s products?
  • Find the method of shipment.
  • Has the accessibility been accounted for?
  • Is it inclusive of customs clearance?
  • Find the duration quoted.
  • Is it inclusive of port and terminal handling?

Acquiring Recommendations gives assurance

Gather information of the overseas companies used recently by your friends, other members of the family or colleagues, hence a list of tested movers will be at your disposal.  If not available, search for testimonials from existing customers.

Find the service provider at the other end

The pre-move survey and at the outset of the move may be excellent but who will deliver services at the other end? Are they of the same excellence? Find it out.

Other requirements

Will you require currency, a professional packer with cartons, pet transport, car transport, cleaning house, assistance in immigration or complete unpacking while delivery?

Will you require a handy person to hang your pictures, etc., or assemble furniture, etc?

Written Record

If you don’t get terms and condition on pre-move, there is always a possibility that the company can cheat on you.

Check for all costs in black and white so that there is no hidden cost.

Calculated and Non Calculated Expenses

  • Moving Costs – The estimated moving cost given by the various companies will be based on:

Size of the move – It is calculated on the weight and volume of goods to be moved. If there isn’t a full load, this fee can be reduced. But if there is an urgency of delivery, in spite of having an incomplete load, the cost will increase.

Route – The routes which are common will have competition so that the pricing will be less. For instance: moving from Canada to the USA or within Europe. Uncommon routes attract high costs.

Distance – Simple rule more the distance more is the cost.

Method of transportation – Transportation by ship is the cheapest option but time-consuming. Shipping by air is faster but adds to the cost, and it is not preferred for domestic goods. Of course, you can’t avoid trucks as any move will start and end with it whatever be your option.

  • Packing and Unpacking Costs – Some charge additional costs for these while some do not. To ensure that nothing illegal is being shipped a few country’s customs need the moving company to verify.

It can be avoided to some extent, by packing and unpacking on your own and keeping the boxes open for the moving company to check.

  • Storage Costs – This is possible when you are unable to synchronize the moving date from your end and the actual transportation date. Also, synchronize reaching date, and the delivery date or else storage costs will be levied.
  • Customs costs i.e. Duty charges and Taxes – Some countries will permit the domestic goods duty-free like the USA, but some do not like the UK has complex rules, say which country you have moved from.

Sometimes this depends on the goods value.

  • Insurance costs of goods to be relocated – Some include this in their estimation while the others don’t. You better check this and also check for the goods that the insurance will cover.

Options like Released Value, Declared Value, Lump Sum Value, and Full Value Protection can be analyzed as per your requirements and the type of goods.

If shipped by sea, do not forget to get Maritime Policy.

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  • Visa Fees – If you are moving within EU it is visa-free. But to move to another country for work or study will call for visas wherein a lot of documentation invites substantial fees.
  • Lawyer Fees – Many feel it better to take the services of a lawyer to do the tedious paperwork especially if it is a business/office moving to another country.
  • Housing Costs – This is the most significant expense for both property purchase or rentals. You need an insightful understanding of fees, taxes, etc., levied on housing depending on type and location in the country you move to.

Overseas Auto Moving

In case you want to relocate your car with you, you will have to consider the estimation of customs duty and import tax.

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Exceptional transport of domestic items that cannot be moved overseas

Say, for example, pets are prohibited in some countries while others require a permit for entry, certificate for rabies and overall health.

To conclude it’s always preferred to start searching for a good and reputed overseas moving company at least a month before your tentative moving date. It is also better to hire them than doing things on your own as it saves you from stress. Apart from this, the need to adapt to the new environment is also of equal importance.

If they move your goods as they move one of their belongings, then you have opted for the correct one!

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