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CenturyPly brings you a wide range of CenturyVeneers. These innovative and decorative veneers are a statement of contemporary lifestyle and help CenturyPly redefine Indian homes. These premium quality veneers are resistant to boiling water and borer and termite. They add a touch of beauty and luxury to your space.

Types of CenturyVeneers

CenturyPly offers you a wide array of CenturyVeneers. Let’s discuss in detail the types of veneer:

   1. NatzuraWoods: These natural veneers are naturally designed by nature, due to which every design differs from the other in some manner. The woods used for making these exotic veneers are shipped from South East Asia, America, Africa, and Europe.

Veneers are divided into various groups depending on their patterns. If the appearance or grains of two veneers are similar, then they both belong to the same group. Moreover, the higher the girth of a veneer, the bigger the size of the group.

There are 4 veneer groups, namely, 4 leaves joint, 6 leaves joint, 8 leaves joint, and 10 leaves joint. The various types of NatzuraWoods veneers available at CenturyPly are metallic, dark, mystique, medium, A la Carte, medium, Arizona, crotch, light, horizontal, shimmer, elite, dyed, glow, and canvas.

These veneers have a warranty of 7 years with a 100% gurjan base. They are resistant to hot boiling water, borer and termite, and moisture. These anti-fungal and anti-bacterial veneers are created using German sanding technology and hot melt thread splicing.

   2. Senzurastyles: These artificially designed veneers are created using artificial techniques. They are inspired by the various seasons and nature. These environment-friendly CenturyVeneers are quality assured and also called reconstituted veneers.

These veneers are made using genuine plantation wood that is dyed and treated artificially to create grain patterns. Optimum drying ensures good quality and clear design, whereas accurate sorting ensures design consistency.

No gaps are there in these veneers due to proper splicing, and various designs are available in the form of crowns, quarters, and semi-crowns. The wood for these veneers is shipped from Europe and comes with long durability and good quality. These flexible veneers also have glue line protection and are approved by FSC, ISO, BIS, and GBC.

These veneers have high luster and are not easy to tear or split. They don’t allow any fungus accumulation and have accurate edges. These are termite and borer resistant and cost-effective. The various types of Senzurastyles veneers available at CenturyPly are Urbane, Sophisticated, Understated, Teak, Earthy, Bold, Bohemian, and Made to Measure.

   3. Progettowood: This premium CenturyVeneer is an industry first and created using poly-fibre grains. These grains are first laid over a decorative veneer, which is then pressed on a Gurjan matt coated with epoxy sealer. These veneers have exotic designs and a pre-coated epoxy sealer layer, giving off a premium look.

This also reduces polishing costs and protects from handling damages. These veneers are borer and termite resistant, boiling water resistant, anti-bacterial, and have a warranty of 7 years. These veneers are not sanded; instead, the epoxy used is also compatible with all types of polishes, including Polycoat, Melamine, and PU.

The various types of Progettowood veneers available at CenturyPly are Royal Ebony Creme, Ebony, Ziricote with Sap, Ziricote without Sap, Mahogany Crotch, Rodenza, Santos, Macassar Ebony, Wenge Crown, and Santos HZ.

   4. Dark Forest: The veneer texture of this unique and creative veneer is the best. It is made from natural wood that is further treated by experts to give it a mystique and natural look. These veneers are capable of withstanding all types of climates, and don’t peel, delaminate, or blister. They are borer and termite resistant with a smooth finish and comply with the BIS norms.

They are water-resistant and have an ISI mark. The various types of Dark Forest veneers available at CenturyPly are Straightline Noir, Parallel Alba, Crown Noir, Straightline Alba, Parallel Noir, Decalage Noir, Crown Mirror Alba, Crown Alba, Decalage Alba, Straightline Mirror Noir, Crown Mirror Noir, and Straightline Mirror Alba.

How CenturyVeneers make your home a better place?

  • CenturyVeneers are eco-friendly since they use less wood, and their premium quality makes them beautiful and appealing.
  • Decorative veneers can be used to make furniture like laminate kitchen cabinets, cupboards, tables, etc… They can also be used on wall panels.
  • They are flexible and don’t expand or contract due to water and moisture.
  • They can be used to make a wall the focal point of a room. They are attractive, eye-catching, and simply stunning.
  • They have a long lifetime and are a good investment as long as they are maintained properly.
  • Decorative veneers are a versatile option that can give your home a seamless appearance.
  • CenturyVeneers come with antiviral properties that provide a protective cover against bacteria, fungi, viruses, and other microbes.


CenturyPly offers veneers that are both natural and reconstituted. Their natural veneers on which design occurs naturally are called NatzuraWoods, and the reconstituted ones on which designing is performed using various artificial techniques are named Senzurastyles. With so many exotic choices, get your veneers today at CenturyVeneers!

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