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Valuable Tips New Drivers Should Know Before Hiring Auto Care Services

If you are a new driver, you may not know much about car service. These tips are important for the best road safety. Hiring the best auto repair services will help maintain your car in top condition. Before taking your car on the road, you have to ensure it is well maintained.


  • You have to check with the condition of the vehicle engine regularly
  • Changing oil and coolant is important after a fixed number of miles travelled
  • You can hire the best auto-care services depending on the make and model of the car


Expert Porsche Dubai service center will offer safety tips that are valuable for new drivers. The expert’s tips keep hanging with the changing automotive industry. For first time drivers, getting familiar with these tips is important.


Wiper blade replacement


Wiper blades are accessories most new drivers often overlook. Always ensure the blades are in good condition. Good quality blades are usually made up of rubber padding. Heat and over-usage will easily wear them out.


Over-used blades will scratch the front view mirror. The wiper blade will not squeeze out excess water from the front windshield. Some vehicles may have wiper blades installed on both sides – front and back.


If wiper blades are not good, then the image produced is often blurred. Regular inspection and replacement are essential. Your expert auto care services will inspect the blades for its condition.


Replacing engine and gearbox oil


If you are a new driver then you are not aware of the importance of oil fluid. The engine, gearbox and brakes use quality engine oil. The fluid is best if it is clean and of the right viscosity. This is one aspect that will ensure that each movable part of the engine produces less friction.


It prevents the wear and tear of the engine parts. With time, the oil will collect impurities. This changes the viscosity of the oil. Over-used oil is not good for the health of the vehicle. Expert auto care services like Volkswagen repair Dubai are aware of the right time to change the engine oil.


It is also important to use quality grade engine oil. Selecting bad quality can damage the engine completely.


Tires change and rotation


Tires will easily wear out. The new driver is usually unaware of the air pressure they need to maintain. This factor will vary depending on many conditions – terrain, weather and climate. Thus maintaining the right air pressure is important.


The tires also need to be rotated after regular intervals. If they are worn out, they also need to be replaced. Selecting the right tire match is important for the safety of the vehicle on the road. Bad condition tires may lead to a road accident.


It is also important to keep checking with the tire alignment. The tire has to be checked for traction quality as well. These are aspects that most new drivers are unaware of. This is why they should hire the best auto-care services for the vehicle.


Battery condition


Car battery usually offers with long life span. This also depends on the way you use the car battery. The poor condition of the battery will keep you stranded for hours on the highway. You face the starting problem if the battery is not well maintained.


A new car battery will always carry a warranty period. But there is no guarantee that it may not wear out before time. This means regular monitoring of the condition is important. You may not be able to check the health of the car battery on your own.


You may need specialized tools and equipment to monitor its condition. This is where expert Porsche service center Dubai comes for your help. They will monitor the condition of the battery at regular intervals.


They replace the battery fluid as and when needed. They also keep checking with battery terminals for connectivity.


Brake pads


The next most important thing to check is the brake pad. If brakes are not good, then it could lead to serious hazards. For the best driving experience, you need good brake pads.


Most pads are located inside the circular disc. You need proper tools to open the disc. This is the work of an expert. Apart from these, the air filter also needs cleaning regularly. You can trust an expert car repair service for your vehicle’s health.


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