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Use UV Rays To Purify Your Swimming Pool Water

In a world full of artificial arrangements, everyone wants to be surrounded by nature as much as possible. One of the best elements that promote relaxation is water. Though there are many other options such as planting flowering bushes in the backyard, green walls design Dubai and more, it is a swimming pool that catches the most attention. People love constructing a pool of their own as they love taking a dip into chilled pool water after a day loaded with stresses.

Imagine having a pool where you forget all your stresses and just feel the water. Doesn’t it give you goosebumps? After all, a pool is the place where you don’t have to carry any unwanted burden, physically or mentally. As you remove your clothes, all your anxiety and stress seems to go away. It is nothing less than a therapy which comes for almost no cost once it is built. That’s the reason you should prefer reaching swimming pool design companies in Dubai today.

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However, it is equally important to keep the water hygienic if you don’t want to throw yourself at the risk of developing a number of skin issues and other diseases. A dirty pool can be home to germs and challenge your well-being. There are many technologies that can help you keep it clean. One such technique is using UV rays for purifying the pool water.

Using UV Rays To Kill Bacteria

In the 1960s, blacklight lamps were used for decoration purposes only. They were used to give a psychedelic touch to an area. With time, things changed and so did its application. These days, UV lights are widely used for decontamination of water. You must have seen those water purifier ads. They all promote UV technology for killing harmful bacteria present in the water. The same technology can be used to clean a pool. You can discuss the same with your landscape design company.

UV rays are present in many forms. From natural sunlight to artificial lamps, there are many sources of UV lights. The sun transmits UV rays that are strong enough to damage the skin or even cause cancer if exposed too much. You must have read about the ozone layer depletion and the role of UV rays in it. This is how effective they are. If we talk about the spectrum, it ranges from 100-400 nanometres which can be further categorised as:

UV-A (400-315): This level is known as soft UV that is long wave, blacklight.

UV-B (315-280): This range is known as medium wave which is responsible for the famous ozone layer depletion.

UV-C (280-100): This one is the shortest in length and also the most effective one. Being the most powerful range, it can be used for purification purposes as it can effectively kill bacteria and other harmful microorganisms. Furthermore, it helps minimize the use of chemicals for disinfecting the water. So, you should consider installing a UV purifier while discussing the swimming pool design Dubai with a designer.

How Does It Work?

UV purifiers pass the dirty water through a chamber that is sealed and has UV lights. This radiation has the ability to kill microorganisms in seconds by altering their DNA and preventing reproduction. Furthermore, the system will also help balance the pH levels of your pool water.

There are a few things that you must take into account while choosing a UV purification system for your pool. You must have an idea of the capacity of your pool. Though your landscape design company will give you all the details while constructing the pool, you can check it by yourself in case he doesn’t. It is very simple. You just have to multiply the length of your pool with its depth and width. Apart from this, you must know how frequently your pool is going to be used and the number of people using it.

What Are The Benefits?

Using UV to purify the pool water offers many other benefits:

  • It minimises the use of chemicals, and destroys the byproducts of harmful chemicals like chlorine.
  • By minimising chemicals, they also reduce the costs involved.
  • You can expect an instant disinfection.
  • UV purification is considered to be the best method which offers unrivaled protection against all types of contamination.

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