Fire Fighting Companies in Dubai

Understanding the Fire Protection Storage Tanks

Most industrial outlets seek the help of fire fighting companies in dubai to get installed a Fire Storage Tank in their vicinity. But have you ever through what these Fire Storage Tanks are made of and what they are capable of doing? In this post, we will share what a Fire Storage Tank is and why industries prefer to get it installed in their area.

What is a Fire Protections Storage Tank?

Fire Storage Tank is the large storage of water tanks either installed on the top of the buildings or underground especially in industrial areas. The fire protection storage tank works efficiently during a fire hazard by allowing access to an appropriate amount of water resources quickly to control the spread of fire. The immediate and quick access to the fire storage tank in industrial or commercial property reduces the risk of facing a water shortage during a fire emergency. Many industries or commercial buildings take the help of fire fighting contractors in dubai to install the tanks at such places as on the rooftop, underground, or on the ground closer to the building where access is easy. There are three types of storage tanks based on their water capacity comprising from 5,000 to 3,500,000 gallons;

  1. Bolted Tanks
  2. Welded Steel Tanks
  3. Concrete Tanks

How does a Fire Protection Storage Tank work?

The Fire Protection Storage Tanks are in use by many industries and commercial properties to have immediate access to water in case of fire emergencies. In recent times, governments across many countries have passed mandatory regulations to ensure the safety of workers or inhabitants of a particular building. These regulations force the industries or commercial entities to have such fire fighting facilities that not only protect their inhabitants but also ensure the safety of people living by. The fire protection tanks are used by many large-scale businesses, residential properties, schools, industries, warehouses, etc. In Dubai, where a large number of national and international businesses, companies, and industries are operating, the demand for the installation of effective fire protection water tanks is on the rise.

Benefits of Fire Protection Storage Tanks

There are many benefits of Fire Protection Storage tanks which makes them the preferred choice of many industries, warehouses, and other commercial and residential buildings.

On-site solution

The biggest charm of a storage tank is that it allows immediate access to water in case of a Fire-spread. You don’t have to wait for fire fighting companies in uae to bring all of their equipment and extinguish the fire. The availability of tones of water on-site reduces the work of fire fighters tremendously.

Integration with Fire equipment

The fire protection storages are designed in such a way that they can be integrated with other fire safety equipment in no time and provide an immediate supply to handle the fire. The seamless integration with other equipment makes the entire system even more dependable.


The making of a fire protection tank could be heavy on pocket however it works on pay now or pays big later formula. Having a dependable fire protection system on sire prevents the threat of fire and resultant damages. The fire damages can incur heavy losses of property as well as human life. So, it is better to spend on prevention.

Sprinkler Systems

A fire protection storage tank also helps in feeding the sprinkler system installed in your building. Sprinkler systems are considered an effective tool for controlling the fire inside the buildings. The fire protection tank aids the process by providing a constant supply of water to the sprinkler system during a fire.


A well-built fire protection tanks are resistant to changes in the weather pattern. They can store water for years which can be used any time. The welded steel tanks also grant protection from corrosion. However, it is advised to consult fire fighting contractors in dubai to keep the water free from algae so that you don’t face clogging of pipes in the hour of need.

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