Understanding the Role of Brand Activation in Marketing

Building a brand is not an easy task because it demands you to choose the right channels. The term marketing-mix and channels must be understood clearly in order to carry out the right marketing campaign.

The importance of marking channels:

Marketing campaigns can be run across an array of channels that includes, electronic, print, OOH, digital and experiential. Experiential marketing which can be also termed as brand activation.

Essentially, brand activation would mean activating your consumers through certain activities like exhibitions and tradeshows. Here are a few tips to make your brand activation successful however, you need to find the best brand activation Dubai that can help you in perfecting your activation. Let’s look at the tips first.

Tips for successful brand activation:

Get the first impression right: The study suggests that the first impression of your brand can take your brand a long distance, so, make sure that you create a perfect impression. In fact, 90 percent of impression depends on the design aspect. That means you have to find exhibition stand builder UAE that creates perfect stands and can give you edge by designing it perfectly.

Extend Your Reach: Having a stand does not guarantee you that you will get enough result. In fact, you should consider giveaways like wristbands, stickers and other wearable products so that people will have reason to participate in your event or show. In fact, other people will also want them when they will see others wearing them.

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Get a little interactive: When hiring exhibition stand building Dubai, you must speak with them because you need your consumers to interact with them, for instance, you can install LCD kiosk for your customers to be a little interactive. That means you have to be strategic while building the stands for exhibitions.

Give them experience: Apart from interaction, you should consider giving your customers an experience, for instance, if you are a camera company, then perhaps, you can make your audience click photos to showcase their skills. Experience is all about creating a memorable event and people would remember it for a long time.

Be professional: It is of utmost importance that you show professionalism. That means you have to have perfectly groomed professionals in the event. A good brand activation company can offer you good models and professionals for the event. Make sure that they speak your brand language.

Start talking: The common mistake that people commit is that they get committed to the idea of selling but it is not the right approach. Make sure that you introduce yourself and ask about customers, their company, product and services. Ultimately, they will also ask you the same question. And that is the time when you should introduce your brand and perhaps, you would get better results if you take this route.

Get a little inviting: It feels good when you invite people to your show, the invitation would mean having the right approach. For instance, you can offer cookies, teas and coffee to your guests make sure that you use perfumes or fresheners to make your stand or booth smell good. In fact, this can attract more visitors.

Measure ROI: You must find a way to measure the efficiency of the campaign and without understanding the efficacy, you would probably fail to understand the importance of brand activation. Hence, make sure that you deploy smart measurement tools to measure the performance.

You might think that digital universe is changing the market dynamics but the fact is that experiential marketing is also getting the foothold as consumers want to get involved in brand interaction hence, it is important that you find the best benchmarking Dubai to carry out your brand activation programs.

Ultimately, you need to find an experienced and exert brand activation service provider and that is possible only when you verify their experience by looking at their client list.

You can also look at their image gallery to find out how have they managed to create a beautiful experience. You should speak with them to find out how they would help you in communicating with your customers. In fact, it should be a service provider that is communicative and collaborative. Finally, care to look at the cost of the brand activation too.


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