Types of Leather and their uses in various sectors

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Leather has been with the man since ancient times; having its several uses from clothing to accessories. The leather is an excellent option because of its durability, comfort, beauty, suppleness, and versatility. The leather is omnipresent, especially in offices. Leather desk sets are quite common in high profile offices.

Artisans are the magicians that bring out the real beauty of leather and turning them into a masterpiece. And no two products are similar to one another; that’s the beauty of leather. Because of being obtained from animals they are all different from one another.

Different kinds of leather obtained from different animals have their pattern and feel to it.

Types of leather:

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  • Full-grain leather: Full grain leathers produced from the highest quality of raw materials have the depth of color and require less finish, allowing their natural markings to show. Full-grain leather is superior to any other type of leather, making it strong and durable over some time. It will retain its original form and will not stretch over time. To keep it to its original form, you are required to maintain it properly with care.
  • Top -grain leather: Top grain leathers have had the upper portion of the dermis removed, therefore, losing the strongest, tightest, and the densest part of the hide. Top grain leathers receive heavy applications of finish which seal the surface. The pore structure is removed preventing the leather to breathe. They have a larger hide yield.
  • Corrected grain leather: Corrected grain leather is a type of leather that is gone under rigorous treatments to on its surface to create a more uniform appearance.
  • Nubuck:  The nubuck leathers got more of a velvet-like surface. It is obtained by when the surface has been sanded or buffed on the grain side to get a smooth and velvety effect.
  • Split leather: It is manufactured from the corium left once the top-grain has been separated from the hide, known as the drop split. Splits are often used to create suede. Split leather with the help of coating with other substance can mimic the appearance of grain. This coating makes its resemblance similar to top-grain leather.
  • Patent leather: Patent leather is a fine grain leather that is treated to give it a glossy appearance. Patent leather with its glossy surface is available is all color variants just like the natural leather. Due to its eye-catchy glossy finish, it is loved by the fashion industry and is used to make garments and accessories such as- shoes, heels, bags, coats, belts, and boots.
  • Bonded leather: Bonded leather, also called reconstituted leather or blended leather, is a material that is made with the shredded leather that is bound together with the help of polyurethane or latex. The amount of leather fabric mix is variable in each batch having 10% to 90% usage of any leather fabric.

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Leather with its different types of variety to choose from is also a very versatile fabric which can be used from making various products such as- leather desk sets, furniture, clothes, bags, belts, and shoes. Get some leather product, and you won’t regret its durability, style, and comfort that is for sure.


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