Trendy DIY for Homes in 2018

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Let’s say you just moved into your brand new house. Yes, your kitchen is fully equipped, and those glamorous tiles look amazing but you feel something is simply missing. How can you make your freshly bought home more personal and unique?

Here is the catch: DIY projects! DIYs give space a touch of your personality and make it more lively. 2018 brought an abundance of trendy DIYs for decorating your home. They are mostly non-demanding and easy to create.

Stick with us and find out how to make your home less dull and more YOU with these ultimate 2018 DIY home trends!

1. Create a Beautiful Photo Collage

Wall photo collage is a fantastic way to personalize your place and fill it up with memories and moments! Regardless of whether you love inspiring photos of nature or simply have a bunch of feel-good pictures, this DIY is perfect for you.

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to create a photo collage. Choose some favorite photos of you and your friends and family and display them on a blank wall.

There is no rule when it comes to the way you arrange your collage. This is the part where you can get creative. You can combine photos in a classic Rubik’s cube style, let them hang from threads or ribbons, splash them all around the wall or even create shapes such as hearts or popular clothesline.

2. Let the Creativity Flow with String Art

You can add a touch of glamour and sophistication by going for string art.  This relatively new trend became wildly popular and can be seen in many cafes around cities.

It is one of those DIYs that look way harder than they are in reality. Making string art requires only wrapping thread, embroidery floss, and some pins.

You can create exciting pieces and symbols of different sizes and hang them as home signs or interesting pieces of art.

3. Hang Your Plants

Hanging plant baskets are an ideal way to create a fresh-looking, lively, and professional area. Their plants and flowers allow homes with no room for plants to still have some color and freshness.

You can choose from a wide range of hanging baskets. Pick between plastic ones, woven baskets or wire-framed ones. Also, feel free to splash some color or draw something on baskets for additional vibrancy.

If you are hanging baskets on a neutral-colored wall, pick bold-colored flowers that will lift up the room. For instance, combining violets, yellow begonias or lantana plants with white walls will make the space less dull and more attention-grabbing.

4. Get into Pom Pom Rugs

There is nothing more playful than colorful pom pom rugs! Pom pom rugs are incredibly soft and comfortable. This makes them ideal for children’s rooms or as a cheery addition to your living room.

You can mix and match the craziest colors and end up with a unique design. Combining different colors with the rest of details in your bedroom will make this rug fit in even better!

5. Jump in the Time Machine

70s home trends are back and popular green avocado and gold color combination are a massive hit. This color combo combines elegance with warmth to create a feeling of coziness.

You can incorporate it into your home by combining green walls with gold mirror frames or pillows with green-gold detailing.

Besides, it seems like retro wallpapers with various patterns are taking the spotlight. You can use it to cover narrow walls or part of walls. Even if you plan to move in the near future, good looking and attractive walls are always a nice detail.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to DIYs, there is no limit. The only limit we doubt you’ll break is Interest. Therefore, let your creativity flow. Focus on bold colors, lively details, and fresh plants. Try out one of our DIYs and see where it will take you!


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