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Trendiest Spot to have Pizza in Kolkata

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All of you die heart fans of the yummy cheesy snack pizza, so let’s have a look at where you can find the perfect blend of carbs and cheese in Kolkata. You will also have a lot of options to choose the best pizza in Hyderabad as well.

Fire and Ice Pizzeria, Russell Street

Famous among visitors and localities, this best pizza in Kolkata place has beautiful red and white interior which stringed lamps which gives it a pretty and sophisticated look. You must try out Pizza Di Casa Mia, Arlecchini, Terra E Mare, Pollo, Dire of Bengal for this place. It opens from Noon to Midnight and serves mouthwatering pizza for Rs. 1500 for two.

Serafina, Syed Amir Ali Avenue

This one is the best pizza in Kolkata from New York which offers Italian Cuisine and has an array of fans in the city. An old Italian scooter placed at the entrance gives an authentic touch. This beautiful din den has a plush atmosphere finished with walls of red brick and wooden furniture. You will have the wide range of choices when its a call for pizzas at this place. Treat yourself with some exotic pizzas like Italian imported Porcini oven roasted with mushrooms, Tomato, and Fresh Basil, Premium Italian Buffalo Mozzarella, Robiola Cheese, Fontina, Truffle, Truffle Oil and Sliced Black Truffle, Pizza Al Norcina and much more.

Raj Spanish Café, Sudder Street

A casually spaced generally visited by travelers, this place holds an amazing menu that meets their international clientele. In terms of decoration, it’s quite simple with no ornamentation except a vivid orange wall with different sorts of photo frames. The menu characterizes their special wood-fired pizzas which is the yummiest one you can ever find across the country.

Eagle Boys Pizza, E M Bypass

Eagle Boys Pizza

After getting the appreciation for their range of pizzas in Australia, Eagle Boys pizza has established a pizza spot in Kolkata. It has 35 seating arrangements with the lively ambiance which youthful neon pink and black in other decoration pieces. The fuchsia pink lighting on the ceiling grabs much attention. They have 4 base options with 3 sizes consist of deep dish, cheese blast, crisp and thin. You must try out their Zesty Chicken and Peri Peri Chicken.

Alla Bella Mozzarella, Ballygunge Place

This is a 30 seater best pizza in Kolkata and sums up all the highlighting feels of Italy. Features like undone walls with colors of white, Victorian lamps, and spacious dining spaces make a perfect decor of this place. The menu specializes in wood-fired pizzas which consists of La Piccante, comprising of smoked zucchini, bell peppers, spinach and onion, Al Alla Bella,  that comes with bocconcini, sun-dried black olives, onions and basil and much more.

Brickwood, Wood Street

This best pizza in Kolkata is well known for retaining authentic flavors in weed fired pizzas, these restaurants are widespread throughout the ground and mezzanine range and also has an outdoor seating arrangement. The undone walls look great with white posterized ceilings and syringes LED. This place has delicious The Brickwood Pizza which is their specialty, other include Agnello Pollo Funghi Cilantro, Napoli Lamb Pizza and much more.

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