Anti-viral Plywood

Transform Your Kitchen with Antibacterial Plywood

Deciding on the material for your kitchen can be exciting and also challenging. Plywood is widely used for kitchen along with other finishing materials to give an aesthetic look and feel to both modular and conventional kitchens. If you are looking to make your kitchen healthy and safe, you cannot go wrong with antibacterial plywood.

Here are a couple of ways you can use the right antibacterial plywood to design your kitchen, make it healthy, and amp up your style quotient.

Pick the right plywood

Plywood is available in different grades and antibacterial plywood is different from other types. So, make sure you find a reliable brand. Remember, antibacterial plywood comes with nanotechnology that eliminates harmful microorganisms on contact. It has the ability to kill 99.99% bacteria, viruses, and fungi on contact. Also, this plywood is made from non-hazardous material so it is safe for use in the kitchen and can be touched by kids, seniors, and adults without worries. You can use this plywood to create cabinets, food preparation areas, and more. You are limited by your imagination when it comes to using this type of plywood.

Special plywood for better protection

Selecting a surface is important when setting up your kitchen. High-pressure surfaces are bound together under very high heat and pressure to create sheets that are extremely durable, and highly resistant to heat and moisture. This is quite important when considering surfaces for your kitchen. Another option to pick plywood with flame-retardant surfaces. The kitchen is an experimental zone that can catch on fire at any time, and these flame-retardant surfaces can safeguard your home and your loved ones. These surfaces are highly resistant to flames and extinguish once the source is removed.

Lastly, the virus kill furniture plywood used in your kitchen space will ensure good hygiene while preparing food. It comes powered with silver nanotechnology that kills any microbes and bacteria that land on it. This discourages the growth of germs and bacteria in your kitchen, keeping it safe.

Choosing the finish

With the global changes, lifestyle changes, and more, many homeowners and interior designers have been picking plywood along with countless options for finishes. You can either pick from gloss finish laminates for plywood – which has a beautiful, surface that can lend any space a wow factor. Lighter colors can bounce light around and make your kitchen look cleaner, professional, and spacious; gloss options are also resistant to scruff, marks, scratches making them convenient, flexible, and low maintenance.

Matte options are ideal for those who want a subtle kitchen, with medium reflection and in a variety of shapes and sizes. This type of a laminate finishing for your plywood furniture is low-maintenance and does not show off dust or dirt easily, they also come with feather-touch technology to give you a well-rounded edge.

In Conclusion

The secret to a lovely kitchen is how you can transform your space to be functional and look aesthetic at the same time. High-quality plywood in India with antibacterial properties helps you to stay safe and stylish and is crafted to suit all your utility and style needs. Century Ply plywood is widely chosen by builders, architects, homeowners, and interior designers owing to its durability, long-lasting, versatile, and Virokill content which ensures that it pays off in the long run. Always do your research and ensure that you pick a high-quality product that is delivered and set up at your home.

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