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Top refrigerator and fridge brands in Pakistan

When we are talking about our kitchen and home appliances then a name comes under our minds refrigerator. Refrigerators and fridges are very important and necessary part of our life. They are not only the machines for preservations but also providing ease to live. Its collaboration with technology has improved the way of living. You can get fresh items that you have preserved there. Pakistani brands are working on technology enhancement that has an impact on the refrigerator and fridge industry.

Now the days, fridge and refrigerators are coming with built-in Wi-Fi. You can control your refrigerator from your mobile phones. The modern generation of fridges is coming with touch panels and so many features like voice control and instant ice cube maker. Especially in Pakistan, companies are working with dedication in their fields and providing us very unique and modernize refrigerators.

When peoples try to search for the best refrigerator, it becomes very difficult for them to choose instantly because all the companies are competing for other ones with their unique and fully functioned items. These are some famous and top companies of refrigerator and fridge in Pakistan.


Dawlance is one of the famous companies established in 1980. It has a big share in the market due to its home and kitchen appliances. Dawlance is providing us high tech products that are more reliable and stylish. It is providing us home appliances like oven, air conditioner, washing machine, and refrigerators. Dawlance tries to meet the customer’s needs.



Pel is also very famous due to its high tech, reliable and durable refrigerators, and fridges. This is providing a huge verity of refrigerators form 1956. You can get a single door, double door or either French-style refrigerators. All the pel refrigerators are durable and energy sufficient. Its items make you tension free in the regards of an electric bill. One more specification belongs to pel refrigerator is that they are storage efficient. These refrigerators provide you more space for storage but use less space of your house.



SG comes in top brands of refrigerators due to its popularity in a short span. This company is providing high tech fridges at fewer prices.  Its refrigerators have a lifetime compressor warranty and one-year parts warranty.  SG has a huge verity of products that are available at fewer prices. If you are looking for the best and fully featured refrigerator at an affordable price, we recommend SG fridges. SG always tries to keep the focus on customer satisfaction. Their designs are very sufficient and its cooling system is also very reliable.



Orient is known as the top-level company or a pillar in the field of refrigerator and fridge industry. This company is providing high tech refrigerators as well as hygienic. Its antibacterial layer keeps the items fresh and bacteria-free. In technology enhancement, orient is remarkable. It is providing every type of fridge and refrigerator. Either you are looking for a single door, double door or French door refrigerator. You will find a huge verity of high tech items in the orient. Orient is well known due to its innovation in the technology field. And hopefully, you will find the best refrigerator here that will meet your needs.



Top refrigerator brand list is uncompleted without adding haier. Haier is also very fast emerging brand in the Electronics and home appliances.  Haier is providing its high tech electronics not only in Pakistan but also in the international market. It was ranked at the top in the euro monitor international’s ranking.

Haier also has a huge verity of electronics and refrigerators. You can buy a single door, double door, French door, and a mini-fridge. In the feature, they are stainless body, high tech, durable and fast cooling without freezing the sides. It’s all ranges are available at affordable prices. Haier refrigerator price is very affordable in Pakistan.


Last Note:

When you are going to buy a refrigerator, fridge or any kind of electronics it is necessary to analyze the features of the electronic as well as its brand name and price. These all the brands have a huge verity of products that you can check on their outlets and even online. You also can buy online from different sites like, and many other sites.

Hopefully, this article gives you better information before you purchase. Keep study and analyze before action.


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