Top Interior Design Ideas For Home

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Interior design is a matter of enjoyment and embracing every single thing that makes a home or office look stylish. From clean lines of the furniture, flooring, lighting, and colors to wooden and metallic finishing, all these things are the major components of a contemporary interior design.

With modular and multifunctional trends driving the interior designs of future portable homes and offices, technology will revamp your living and workplaces in multiple ways. It is always better to hire a professional interior designer to design the interiors of your home than doing it on your own. Here in this post, we will know some of the best interior designing trends that would be popular in 2018.



Fringing, tufting, feathers, and tassels would be the new design ideas of this year and will be seen on wall hangings, cushions, rugs, throws and accessories.  The trend is sure to add a handmade design quality whether it’s your living room or bedroom. Moreover, light colored cushions for the sofa and the beautiful tassels on the bed will add to the looks of your room.

Color Combinations


A mixture of light and dark shades is going to be a popular trend this year for home interiors. Combination of colors that matches perfectly with the accessories and suits the tastes of the user will make up the homes a loving place to live.  It’s good to paint a room with a single decent color and place in it accessories of similar shades. Pretty colors on the walls with pastel colored vases, accessories and furniture will be the new trend in interior design 2018.

More Foliage


Plants are popularly becoming the must-haves for every home and office with a plenty of health benefits. Investing in some good looking plants is a great idea for decorating and refreshing your modular portable home. Hanging plants on the mantelpieces and shelves with some green leafy plants in the corners will add and natural look to your rooms. Combining beautiful plants with wooden furniture can make any home decent place to live in and relax.



Beautiful cushions, rugs, wallpaper and floor tiles all contribute to the geometrics of interior designing. Beautiful wallpapers can be used in place of tiles if you like, to create a striking effect on the walls. Water resistant wallpapers are on trend to be used in washrooms and kitchen. Multiple designs and colors of tiles and cushions can be sought in the market to match the walls and furniture.

Golden color theme


The metallic trend was seen in the paints and metal finishes last year, but golden is the key color that is going to become a trend this year. The gold color is softer than silver and adds some elegance to your interiors. Gold can be used as a key color that looks perfect on door knobs, handles and picture frames. Wooden furnishings with brass and gold accents would be a popular choice for the style-loving customers.

Shimmery Flooring


The concept of marbles, granites and floor tiles is becoming outdated. The new trends with shimmery floors and carpets are becoming popular this year. Combined with similar colored wallpapers and in contrast paint effects, the new range offers a great look and finish. Although carpets are becoming popular, however wooden flooring is also in trend for the customers who don’t like using carpets on the floor.

Terrazzo is back in trend


Popular in the 70s, became unpopular in 90s the Terrazzo is going to be the next popular trend in interior design. The colorful floor tiles can add an attractive look to your living room. We can expect a lot of beautiful terrazzo tiles making their way to the markets in the coming months this year. These designer tiles are perfect for floor and can be used in combination on the walls of any room.

Statement Ceilings


People are looking for statement ceiling designs after the trend of statement walls. This year, an increase in online searches for statement ceilings has compelled the interior designers to offer innovative ideas for ceiling designs. Now the designers are keeping the walls in one color and painting or decorating the ceiling with multiple themes to make it look different and attract attention.  With innovative ideas and designs used to decorate the ceilings, they are becoming the standout feature of any room.

Dark Woods


Dark woods are the scandi trend that has been popular for decades.  Bleached woods and indiscreet wood furniture have been a part of every home, but this year a new trend will be seen.  Mahogany, dark oak and textured walnut pieces will be seen adding depth to the interiors of rooms in many homes.

With innovative designs and technology making the lives better, these will be the popular trends in interior design with more to arrive in the future.

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