What are the Top Ceiling Fans in India

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Ceiling fans are the most neglected item in the home décor. Ceiling fans are extremely versatile for they come in various colors. They can be easily swiped from one room to another as they are easy to mount and un-mount. However, people tend to buy ceiling fan which are not only dull but also have high power consumption. While searching for best ceiling fans, one must look for fans which have high performance and are stylish in look. Unlike air conditioners, ceiling fans move the air around and simply change the thermal sensation of occupants of the room. Therefore, it is of no use to spend unnecessary money on buying expensive ceiling fans. Instead, one should search for an affordable range of ceiling fans. Another challenge that the buyer faces is to choose ceiling fans with optimum number of blades.

Ortem Fans is a leading manufacturer of known for top ceiling fans in India. The company is known for manufacturing uniquely designed ceiling fans. The ceiling fans are designed for people who prefer elegant ceiling fans over air conditioners. These ceiling fans have high performance. They have aerodynamically balanced wider blades and have blade sweep of 900 mm and 1200 mm. The fans having 900 mm blade sweep are apt for smaller spaces and fans having 1200 mm blade sweep are apt for larger rooms. For the convenience of the customer, Ortem Fans has categorized the ceiling fans based on the high power efficiency and minimal budget. The manufacturer aims at providing high class performance under moderate budget. The ceiling fans provided by the company are Economy Fans, Base Fans and Decorative Fans. The company makes sure that the customer spends very less of hid hard earned money on drying his sweat. The designer fans have unique and creative designs within an affordable range.

Moreover, Ortem Fans makes Sure that their customers in India doesn’t have to worry about choosing between 2, 3, 4 number of blades in ceiling fans. Therefore, the company offers three blades ceiling fans collection which are apt for producing air movement with efficiency in a Tropical country like India. Increasing the number of blades can reduce air movement and decrease efficiency. So, by manufacturing ceiling fans with three blades only, Ortem Fans prevents people from going through unnecessary trouble in search of a ceiling fan with optimum number blades. It is due to these efforts that Ortem Fans is counted as a top ceiling fan supplier in India.

The ceiling fans from Otrem Fans come in different colors and shades. The browns and blacks are apt for bedrooms and other smaller spaces. The cream colored fans are apt for master bedroom living room or any other larger space. This shade gives more vibrant look to larger spaces. Designs painted in gold and copper give the ceiling fans royal look. In addition to these classic shades of brown, blue, grey, vibrant shades like rusty orange and pink are also available with the manufacturer. One can also choose decorative fans with LED lights fitted on the wings. These ceilings fans are perfect way to make any space more relaxing and comfortable.

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