Top 5 Tips for PHP Developers to Code Better & Faster

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PHP is a server-scripting language and it is very popular for its use in web development.  It is the most popular backend language and developers prefer to use this language over any other language because of its simplicity. PHP language is very easy to learn and execute and also much faster because of its well-supported framework. It is used for creating dynamic websites that fulfill the user requirement.  Developers use this language for creating the website that meets the user requirements. Scope and demand of the candidates for PHP jobs is on rise, due to this reason; candidates are more attracted towards making their career in this field.


Beginners can easily learn this language by any online tutorials, there are several online tutorials available on Bootstrap, W3schools, Codeacedemy etc. Anyone can start their basic learning from these sites and also they can join institutes to for php course. Future scope in PHP development is quite good as compared to any other language.


Here are some useful tips:

  1. Strong Your OOP concept– To easily understand the language your OOP basics must be good. Without understanding the OOP concept it is very difficult to learn this language. It actually provides a facility to reuse your code without repeated it many times; this will save your precious time. With these concepts, you will come to know how to reuse the same code which is very necessary for any developer.
  2. Use some inbuilt functions: There are a number of inbuilt functions in PHP while writing the user-defined code again and again starts using inbuilt functions. Try to use all the inbuilt functions in the best way this use increase your code reliability as well as make your task easier.
  3. Write Neat and Clean Code: Always write neat code so that others understand that easily. Make proper use of brackets and semicolons. Clean and well-organized code decreases the chances of getting errors in your code. You can easily make changes in well-defined code rather than in messy code.
  4. Mentions Comments in your Code: Comments is a good practice to define anything or to remember anything in your coding. Always comment the complicated part of your source code so that whenever you revise it so that you will quickly understand what’s going. Don’t use over-comments in your code use it only where you need it the most? Good code is self-explanatory most of the time.
  5. Use a good Source Editor: There are various editors available but use the best editor that saves your time. Some of the software’s highlight the important syntax and function name that surely will helpful for you. Code hinting, Code-navigation, and inbuilt functions save your time and you can use that time in writing some other code. Some of the best Editor is PHPDesigner, Dream Viewer, PHP Eclipse etc.

These are some of the useful tips for improving your code quality. Use above mentioned tips for writing better code. Except all these, use best frameworks and PHP tools to amazing productivity and efficiency benefits later. Using best techniques forces you to use better web development patterns that you might not be using right now.



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