Top 5 HR Facts Which Can Create a Culture of Fun At Work

Have you ever wondered how the human resource at work was managed before the formation of the human resource department? The conventional personnel management was only accountable for basic HR roles like handling employee-related files and managing the workforce. But over the years, the market competition has evolved and so does the Human Resource Management.

Presently, the human resources have become a multi-faceted area. So, how much do you think you know about HR or Head Hunting Recruitment ?  If you have a just a brief idea about this field, then read these 5 fun facts to have a broader knowledge of HR department.

  1. HR’s Favorite Color for an Interview

According to color psychologists, the color blue is the most preferred color to wear for an interview. This color is among the most favorites of HR as it appears soothing and trustworthy.

Besides blue, black and grey are also good options. These are neutral colors that appear formal and professional than others in the color palette. They are perfect for a corporate interview.

When planning to land a job in dynamic and younger environment then wearing green or brown will showcase more creativity and energy.

  1. HR’s Key to Check if a Person is Lying

Body language might differ from person to person. When a person is lying, then his body may respond differently. So, some key signs to check whether a person is lying or not are prolonged eye contact, rubbing of the nose, anxious arms, hand movements, fidgety body movement, and most importantly the way he speaks.

If a person is very firm about a statement, then most probably he is right. In such case, HR can always put questions over the statement made by the person to check his genuineness.

  1. HR’s Favorite time to Have an Interview

The best time and HR would like to interview a candidate is either at the beginning or at the end of the day.

HR tends to remember most people who they meet at the start of the day or at the end of the day. If you have been scheduled for an interview for mid-time or lunchtime then you need to work hard to create a lasting impression. A better way is to try rescheduling your interview during start or last of the day.

  1. HR’s initial five minutes! Why is it important?

How much time do you think you have to create an impression on the HR? Don’t think too much as you only have the initial five minutes.

Yes, if you want to impress the HR, then you need to practice all good things in the initial five minutes.

While in most of the situations, you would only have personal greetings and introductions during the first five minutes, but you can do something more creative and innovative to make a lasting impression.

Besides small greetings and social settings, you can practice a small talk or pitch yourself to impress the HR. Make sure you don’t hold a stiff body language. Rather, be comfortable, have an open and friendly body language and practice a firm handshake. Lastly, remember to smile. All these are simple things that work great to impress the person on the other side of the table.

  1. HR’s Favorite Time to Talk about Company Matters

Want a holiday? Want a hike? Or be it anything else! The best time to talk to your HR for company related matter is the time right when she has had her morning coffee or evening coffee. This is the time when the HR is most relaxed and is able to offer you with undivided attention. Make sure you don’t talk such topics when she is hungry or going to an important meeting or about to leave the office. These are the times when the HR is in hurry and hence can be annoyed with your halt.

So, now you know the top 5 HR fun facts of Head Hunting Recruitment, which most of the others might not be aware of. So, take advantage of this information. Next time when you are going for an interview, or having a conversation with your HR, or want to discuss something, just keep these fun facts in mind and everything else will work fine.

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