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Top 5 Coin master Tips and tricks

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Coin master game has been gaining popularity since the last 3 years. Strategy building games always gain more popularity than other niche games. The cognitive involvement in such a game is always very much that makes it more rewarding to the brain. So is the game coin master. It is a strategy building game where you have to build your village, decorate it, protect it from raid and finally increase your coins in the bag.


The one with the greatest number of coins is the real coin master. Obviously just like other games, coin master also has so many hacks available on the net. But once you go for the hack version of the game, the interest to play the game is significantly lost. Hence is this article you will know the best coin master tips to be the next coin master.

Genuine Coin master tips and tricks:

Coin master is an online game connected through facebook and you can play this with different people all over the world. What makes this game so popular is the flow of the game. You build your village, then you have to protect it. For protection you require shields and for shields you need coins. To get coins you have to raid other houses, but for raiding you need tools  for raiding. All this combines to a very enthralling storyline of the game.

Some effective coin master tips:


  1. Join facebook communities: Facebook is a platform for many coin master groups and communities with thousands of members from all over the world. Two people can negotiate for a deal and help each other. Apart from this not only gaming relations are built, the game creates a link between professional and social life also. This is the beauty of this strategy building game.


  1. Every game has certain glitches within it. Try to explore them yourselves as they can open new doors for you inside the game. If you are not able to find any, refer to the link about coin master tips above.


  1. Using the perfect combination of cards to get shields. This is just a strategy that comes through experience. You should always try new permutations in the game to arrive to the best result.


  1. Create new facebook accounts or use your family accounts to support the main account with more free spins.


  1. Using freelance sites that can reward you in the form of game coins. For eq. swagbucks, survey.

Coin Master hack: Do they really work?

Many people become so obsessed with the game that they start using their real cash to win a virtual game. Some resort to google for coin master hack. They find generators which show you a portal to enter coin master account id and then the number of coins you want to win the game. Coin master hacks are absolutely fake.


They are just new ways created to earn money through CPA marketing. It is practically impossible to hack the database of such a popular game. Even if it is so, the interest of the game is lost when one resorts to hacks. Some tools are even created by hackers to inject malwares and viruses in the gamers device. The best way to play and rise in the game is your own experience and the coin master tips mentioned above.


This was all about coin master hack and coin master tips. It’s a sincere advice never resort to virtual fake hack tools. They will lead you nowhere but you will be caught in a loop. Try the game, explore the glitches, increase your link on facebook and become the next coin master.

This was all about the coin master game and how to get free spins in coin master. Thank you for reading. Read more interesting articles to explore the digital world at


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