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Thanks to the large public network that is the Internet, online communication, sharing and entertainment have become more accessible. More than 3 billion Internet users connect to the Internet daily to keep in touch with their family and friends, to get information or share information, to download files or even videos, to learn, to play, etc. However, the internet is limited because part of the web is geo-censored. Notice for example if you are in China. In this country, there are many popular sites like Netflix, etc. are inaccessible. To bypass this censorship, it is necessary to use a vpn or a virtual private network. This service will provide the user with a new non-blacklisted IP address.

As a reminder, be aware that Netflix is a website for watching and downloading videos on the Internet. Located in North America, the company currently has many partners in France and it offers the best films and series on the Internet. Here are the top 10 best vpn to unblock Netflix. These vpns will allow you to use an American or European IP address (no censorship in these continents) wherever you are.

Express vpn

Express vpn is a very serious vpn service. Since it currently has more than 300 servers, some of which are located in Europe and the United States, it therefore offers customers the possibility of accessing Netflix wherever they are. To do this, simply connect to one of these servers. Note that with Express vpn, it is possible to secure the connection up to 256 bits with L2TP, SSTP or even Open vpn. If you are using PPTP, your connection will be 128 bit encrypted. Regarding the supported operating systems, Windows, Android, Ios, Linux, Mac OS X are all compatible with the service.

Fastest VPN

Fastest VPN’s servers are located in the following countries: United Kingdom, United States, Netherlands, Germany and Canada. Therefore, all sites located in these countries can all be unblocked by the service regardless of the customer’s location. In the case of Netflix, it is recommended to connect to a vpn server located in the USA. The latter will change the user’s IP to a US virtual IP address. 


Hidemyass has already been voted best VPN of the year on several occasions. It currently has more than 935 vpn servers located in more than 190 countries in the world (USA, France, Germany, etc, included). By connecting to one of these servers, you will automatically have access to Netflix wherever you are. At the same time, your connection will be encrypted up to 256 bits using the following vpn protocols: PPTP (128 bit encryption), L2TP (256 bit encryption), Open vpn (256 bit encryption).


Worldvpn is among the most affordable vpns in terms of price and yet it has servers located in countries where Netflix is ​​not blocked. However, if you regularly use the PPTP vpn protocol for data encryption, the latter is not supported by this service. You should replace it with Open vpn and L2TP which are also very efficient.


The main advantage of IPVanish is its no logs character. Indeed, IPVanish does not keep the activity logs of its customers. To unblock Netflix with IPVanish, connect to one of the vpn servers located in Europe or the USA offered by the company. The compatible vpn protocols are PPTP, L2TP and Open vpn.


VpnSecure or Vpn.s is a vpn service which was developed in 2009 bit. Having vpn servers located in countries where Netflix (and many other American and European websites) is not censored, this vpn service is also recognized for its Open vpn encryption rate which can reach 2048 bits. At present, it is one of the most secure vpns.


Even if you use Cyberghost free vpn, you can unblock Netflix wherever you are. To do this, connect to a US or European vpn server. However, this package is limited so it would be best to choose the much safer and more complete paid package. The compatible vpn protocols are PPTP, L2TP and Open vpn. For network configuration, it is done in a few clicks with the dedicated application.


Rapidvpn is not a very well known vpn service and yet it is also able to unblock many geo-censored websites like Netflix thanks to its vpn servers located in Europe or the United States. For this, it is recommended to use a dedicated IP address which is much more professional and more suitable. Regarding compatible vpn protocols, PPTP, L2TP, Open vpn and SoftEther are supported. Note that SoftEther is an excellent alternative to Open vpn if the latter is not compatible in the country where you are.


Levpn will also give you access to Netflix wherever you are. To do this, connect to one of the company’s US or European vpn servers. Currently, the company has servers located in over 114 locations. It can be found in the following countries: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, etc.). Regarding the compatible vpn protocols, PPTP, L2TP and Open vpn are supported by the service. It is the latter which is the most secure and the most secure.


The main advantage of Vpn4All is its compatibility with many secure vpn protocols such as 256-bit Open vpn, 128-bit PPTP, 256-bit SSTP (Configuration on port 443), IPsec and l ‘IKVe2. To unblock Netflix with Vpn4all, simply connect to one of the US or European vpn servers offered by the company. Here are some names of countries where Vpn4all servers are located: Germany, Canada, Russia, France, USA, Poland, Romania, Norway, Russia, Estonia, etc. In total, the firm offers more than 10,000 virtual IP addresses that could also be used for anonymity on the Internet.d

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