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Top 10 Job Hunting tips During Covid-19 Pandemic

Our job seekers are being encouraged to keep going despite the slow recovery caused by the Coronavirus. Currently, professional jobs are the most secure, and employers are still hiring. What’s even a good place to begin?  Keep on reading the below mentioned points which can help you in job hunting tips.

  1. Find the job search assistance you need
  2. Cover your essential needs
  3. Set up your workspace
  4. Have a plan of attack
  5. Stay informed
  6. Know who is hiring
  7. Improve your social media platforms like Facebook, Linked, Twitter, etc.
  8. Get really good at virtual conferencing
  9. Keep networking, remotely
  10. Build your hard skills
  11. Keep applying
  12. Be patient

Job Hunting tips During Covid-19 Pandemic

Keeping your resume gap-free, slicing through virtual interviews, and more, we’re here to offer best job hunting tips. Check out these expert tips from recruiters and hiring managers.

  • Get comfortable with remote working

Many job interviews will be conducted online in the near future. Thus, you should make sure that you present yourself professionally and intelligently during your video call. In addition, you need to engage the interviewer emotionally – something that is not as easy to achieve on video as it is in person.

According to Marianne Grady, a career coach based in New Jersey, “the virtual presentation part is the biggest change, and a lot of people are uncomfortable with that,”  So it is critical to be comfortable with remote working if you are looking for a job.

Other things to focus on:

  • Directly look into the webcam to establish eye contact
  • Wear professional attire if you have to stand up
  • Avoid virtual backgrounds like baseball parks and pick a clean, uncluttered background
  • Do a little more nodding and smiling than you think you should
  • You can also establish a connection by using your hands

  • Polish your Resume for bots

How are resumes coming along? The first thing you need to do is get past the first screen: the bots.

You might use technical terms in your resume, such as rendering, SEO, web development and front-end development, JavaScript/Bootstrap, or other programming languages included in the job description to boost your chances of being shortlisted. A resume that uses synonyms or jargon could lead to machines overlooking your potential relevant information.

Other Resume Tips:

  • Make sure your resume is apt for the job you are applying for.
  • Analyze your ten most recent years
  • Try to sum up your resume in one page
  • Mention all your achievements and projects handled.

  • Accept that things have changed

Previously, you used to look for jobs in a different way. Companies are looking for different types of candidates, how they hire, the hiring process, and work conditions have changed. If what worked for you a few years ago may not work today, you must accept this fact.

  • Keep looking for a job you need

Keep searching for jobs! Keep looking for opportunities even if the companies you want to work for don’t hire or have put things on hold. The COVID-19 is shrouded in uncertainty. There is no guarantee that things will change tomorrow or that they will change in the near future. So keep looking for a job.

  • Be patient

The key to success is patience. In spite of initial contact with a hiring company, hiring processes tend to be lengthy. Companies have difficulty operating because of remote setups and challenging obstacles. It is the same with recruiting. The changing landscape will require patience as companies adapt. So while framing your job hunting tips, you need to be patient enough.

  • Expand the types of jobs you are looking for

Prior to the pandemic, you may have been interested in or wanted a certain role. The situation may have changed dramatically from what it was. Broaden your Job search. You may be well suited for roles in many different sectors. It may be worthwhile to look for similar roles in a different industry.

  • Consider Temporary roles

The health, logistics, and service sectors are hiring many candidates right now. Consider a temporary job while you continue your job search if you can’t find a permanent job in your field. Keeping a stream of income flowing is a great way to connect.

  • Leverage your online network

Even if employers are not hiring, it is important to reach out to them. Let your contacts know that you are seeking a  job opportunity near me. You can find new opportunities through your network.

  • Update your skills

Companies are looking for different skills and traits. In COVID-19, it was pointed out that technology-skilled workers are in high demand. This has also brought to light how important it is for companies to have people with resolution. It is in high demand to hire flexible, adaptable, and change management experts. Make sure your resume and job applications highlight these skills and characteristics.

  • Follow Up

Be sure to follow up with a company if you haven’t heard back from them after you applied. Current circumstances are fluid. You will stay on the top of companies’ minds when they move to hire by following up and confirming your interest.


Job hunting is always challenging. It has become more challenging due to COVID-19. So, follow these Top 10 job hunting tips. The key to making yourself the right candidate for the job is staying consistent, leveraging your network, and adapting to the changing work world.

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