Top 10 Idea for Maintaining & Decorating Your Kitchen

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My mother always complains about her kitchen. She tells me that if she had a bigger kitchen, she could’ve decorated it better. We all know that any creative work is done better in a well-organized workplace. Cooking is no different. Giving small space kitchens has become a trend in modern day houses. In order to fully utilize your creative aspects in this limited space, you need to maintain and decorate your kitchen better. Here we will discuss about some themes and ideas to personalize your creative space.

Kitchen Décor Themes

In order to decorate your kitchen, you must first think if you want to apply some kind of theme. Themes are nowadays a trend. Kitchen themes can lighten up your mind in a bad day.

The Open-Shelf Storage Kitchen

The idea here is to open up. By opening up you will suddenly feel more space and air coming to you. In this theme you don’t store your pots and bowls in drawers or in the countertops of your kitchen. Instead, you can use open air shelves and you can hang your pans from the ceiling. There is bonus point if all your kitchen utensils are of same color. Then you don’t have to reprint your cabinets as these utensils bring some vibrancy to your kitchen.

The Clean and Tidy Kitchen

There are people who can’t stand a slight bit of untidiness.  So, open shelf theme can be a disaster to them. The plan here is to keep everything inside as much as possible. So, a greater number of drawers and cabinets kick in.

The Bistro Kitchen

The first step for applying this theme is to get dark colored furniture for your kitchen. Also, you should get some glassware for the display. Some get a step ahead by using chalkboards for decorating. The chalkboards can be used for writing out the day’s menu.

The Café Kitchen

This is my personal favorite. Decorate your kitchen like your favorite café. Insert a lot of display plants to your kitchen and keep some containers. In these containers you can keep magazines, fruits and coffee beans. Moreover, you can install some café style window shutters.

Kitchen Décor Ideas

If you have applied one of the things or simply you are not interested in applying themes then you can try out other techniques. These techniques will bring out more storage and make your kitchen look more gorgeous.

Store Higher

If you have got some space between your cabinet and the ceiling then use the space. Put lees used tools in a basket or container and put those up high.

Color Organizing

Once you got rid of your extra bowls and have numbered down to your bare minimum number of stuffs you can try this out.  In your kitchen shelves arrange the bowls and mugs by color. This will look more organized.

White = Brighter = Spacious

The more your things are white themed the more spacious your kitchen would look. It would m=bring out a minimal vibe if your kitchen accessories popped up inside your snow-white kitchen.

Glossy Kitchen

If you are not fond of white then there are other techniques to help you. Use black glossy color for your countertops or backsplash. The reflection will help the kitchen look bigger.

Rug to the Rescue

When your kitchen has no other way to become less cramped then you can insert a rug. This will add color and pattern to your kitchen with a warm touch.

Kitchen Island Storage

Many people don’t use the kitchen island properly. If your kitchen island has space inside it, then use it. Keep as much as possible things inside it. It will help to reduce the clutter.

Moveable Kitchen Bar

A moveable kitchen bar can help by giving you some extra counter space. Use this when you need it and roll it to somewhere else when you are done with it.

Little Cabinets

You can squeeze in little cabinets in your kitchen free space. For example, little cabinets over the window might give you some extra space. Try to make the cabinets white colored and keep a ladder close by.

Mirrored Cabinets

You now the general rule by now that reflection creates bigger space. So, if you use mirrored kitchen cabinets, your kitchen will automatically look bigger.

Hide the Microwave

The modern trend is to hide the microwave. There was a time when the microwave was fitted into the kitchen wall. Nowadays the microwave is seen to be put down by the side of the oven. This helps I opening up more space. In the newly found space, you can mount a shelve or a cabinet.

Your Ultimate Kitchen

It might be a hard task to renovate your kitchen. But with these themes and techniques, you can make your kitchen better. A kitchen is said to be a reflection of your inner soul. So, are you a crazy fun loving person or a careful practical person, show it through your kitchen. Make and decorate the kitchen you need to bring out your creativity.

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