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Tips to Build an Effective Business Website

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One of the most important aspects of a business today is an online presence. Approximately 97% of customers search for your brand online. Keeping this in mind, new ways to create a website are cropping up every day. Whichever software you are selecting to create a website, ask the web development company to keep these 7 tips in mind –

  1. Mobile Responsive: A lot of people have shifted from their desks to mobile phones. Even if they are inside the retail stores looking at prices, they still check the reviews online for confirmation. So, if you want to design an e-commerce website, make it mobile-friendly for the users.
  2. Easy to Search: Select a domain name that is easy to find. You can simply describe the company as it is and even set up multiple domains that direct you towards the website.
  3. Easy Navigation: When you organize the pages, make sure that navigating back to the home page remains easy. Your users should not feel that it is too difficult. If that feeling is induced; they will simply give up on the website and go to the other one.
  4. Unclutter the Pages: Readers should always be able to put every piece of information in context. If you think that a site contains a lot of information; it will simply overload the mind and you will not be able to retain any new information. There should always be the perfect balance between graphics and text so that the users witness a clean page.
  5. Call to Action: Every page of your website should be created in such a way that the users are excited to call, sign up for a service, buy the product, or download the white paper. You should always keep a button or link ready for the customers to click on. It is advisable to keep that link or button above the fold for the readers to find it easily.
  6. Speed Request: A website should be speedy and not make the customers wait. If a website is slow, it causes a negative impact on the reputation of the company itself. Approximately 28% of consumers say that they prefer shifting to the competitors’ website in case yours is slow. Ensure that the software is updated with quick images and video download. This will help in retaining the customers for a long time.
  7. Accuracy: If the information is inaccurate, it really pisses off the customers. In case of wrong numbers, grammatical errors, or outdated product information; the customers will reject your website. So, it is essential to proofread all the web pages before going live.

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