Three Most Popular Types of Teeth Filling – Built, Types and Advantages

Dental fillings happen to be the best solution for any type of problems with cavity. This process involves the removal of the portion of the teeth that has decayed and materials are used to fill the area that assist in healing the process.

But that is not the only way dental fillings are used. They can also be used for repairing the broken or cracked tooth.

There are a variety of fillings that you will find today. But here a detailed discussion is provided about the most popular fillings. Just read on.

  1. Composite Resin – A mixture of fine glass particles and plastic is use to create this type of filling. These are used for the small and large fillings in the visible parts of the teeth like the frontal portions of the teeth. They are also used for inlays.

There are both direct fillings and indirect types of fillings that you will get in the market. The direct ones are placed by your dentist with the help of a blue light that is very bright. It helps in hardening the soft materials. For an indirect filling your tooth needs to be prepared by the dentist. This is used after taking an impression of it. The lab or the dentist then will use the filling to create the mold. At the second visit the filling is cemented into the place by the dentist.

Composite Resins usually last for five years at least and can remain more if proper care is taken.


  • These chemically bond to tooth structure providing extra support.

  • These are aesthetically ideal as the shade of the composite fillings can be closely matching the existing teeth’s colour.

  • These are tooth-sparing as at times less tooth structure needs to be removed as compared to the amalgam fillings at the time of removing the decay and preparing the teeth for the filling.

  • The composite resins are known for their versatility as apart from a filling material for decay they are also used for broken, chipped and worn teeth.

  1. Amalgam – These are made with a mixture of zinc, tin, mercury and copper. Nearly half of that mixture is composed of mercury. These are usually used on the back teeth and last usually for more than a decade. These are the most affordable types of restorative materials and are non-bonded.



  • These are strong and can withstand the chewing force.

  • These fillings can be completed within just one visit to the dentist’s office.

  • They are less affected to moisture during the filling process as compared to the composite resins.

  • The amalgam fillings happen to be more affordable than the other counterparts.

  1. Ceramics – These are most made of porcelain. These also last for more than almost six- seven years and are used for crowns, inlays, onlays, implants, veneers as well as orthodontic brackets. Depending on the filling they can be equal to the cost of or a bit more expensive than gold fillings. They are definitely costlier than the composite resins.


  • As compared to composite resins these are more resistant to abrasion and staining.

  • These match the colors of the teeth.

The above are some of the most popular types of dental fillings. If you want to rejuvenate your smile you can go for this treatment at the best dental filling cost that will help you flaunt your smile just the way you want.

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