Things to do in Jammu and Kashmir

Things to do in Jammu and Kashmir India

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Jammu and Kashmir is rightly dubbed as the Paradise on Earth. This name truly represents this place. The place has all the tourist attractions that you won’t find anywhere in the world. It clubs exotic experiences with touristy things. Be it a shikara ride in dal lake or gondola ride in Gulmarg, be it snow biking in Sonamarg or hikes in Pahalgam or a romantic date on the banks of Nigeen Lake, this place is filled with so much charm and joy. 

Tourists do a lot of activities here, below are some of the famous ones which stand out from the rest of the activities. 

Best Things to do in Jammu and Kashmir

  • Trekking

Your trip to this paradise is incomplete without taking a hike in this place. It has some of the best trekking trails in India. It blends meadows, snow capped mountains with shimmering brooks and lakes. 

Wherever you go here, you will see a lake. The alpine lakes are the best attractions and best among them is Gangabal Lake.

Famous Treks and hikes: Great Lakes of Kashmir trek, Marchoi trek, Nafran valley trek, Tarsar Marsar Trek etc. 

Aru, Naranag and Sonamarg are the best trekking bases here. 

  • Old City Walk

Most of the tourists visit the new Srinagar. But you must explore its old settlements. Crammed houses that have the exhibition of the best of the Kashmir wood artistry, its shrines that stand tall amid the crowds of this old city, is a beautiful experience. 

You can taste the local food there, street food and the markets around Jamia Masjid Srinagar. 

  • Skiing  & Snowboarding

In India, talking of skiing suddenly makes us think of Gulmarg. It has developed over the years as the best skiing place all over the world. Skiers from across the world try their feet at skiing and snowboarding here. 

Skiing in Gulmarg Kashmir

In winters it is all covered in snow. You can have a romantic date which is unique to this place only. Imagine snow falling outside and you are cosily sitting inside a restaurant with a view of snow filled mountains and thickly falling snow. 

Another attraction is cable car ride here that goes up to the mountain range and provides wide panoramas and views. 

  • Lake Visits

Dal Lake is Bollywood’s second home. Its gorgeous charm has pulled people from all over the world. 

It’s so serene and joyful that one feels like staying here for all the life. It has houseboat houses on its banks that are hotels on the water. Spending a night there will make your experience quite memorable. 

Apart from Dal Lake there are other famous and bigger lakes in Kashmir like Manasbal Lake, Wular Lake etc. 

  •  Garden Tours

What better time to spend than to visit the gardens of Jammu and Kashmir. Mughal gardens come to mind whenever we talk of visiting any gardens in India. They are sheer beauty and love. The trees and flowers and terraced patches of  land and their view that looks into dal lake is very much enticing. They are the adobe of photographers for all seasons.

  • Village Tours

Kashmir has some of the pristine village walks and locations in India. Visit some village and see how they still live by old standards and ways of life. There is no mobile connectivity, people still use ponies to travel to other places. 

Gas and other modern amenities are rarely used and approved.

One of the best villages in Kashmir is Sarbal Village. This village is the last village in Kashmir towards Sonamarg area. Its people live a simple way of life and are least bothered about what happens in the outside world. 

Sarbal village is the base for the highest altitude lake trek called  Barafsar Lake Trek. And you can see the magnificent view of Ladakh mountains from here. 

  • Tulip Garden

Tulip season in Kashmir starts between March and April. Situated at the hem of the Zabarwan Mountian Range and just beside famous botanical garden. Tulip season in Kashmir is a festival where tourists come and enjoy the tulips and the celebrations there.

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  1.  Enjoy Kashmiri Wazwan in the Houseboat Stay

Once you have stayed in a houseboat, you would want to come again and again. And then when you taste Kashmiri Wazwan, your tour will be satisfied and full of contentment. 

Clubbing houseboat and wazwan is what we recommend to all. This is the best feel of Kashmiri ethnic feel you can get. 

  • Gandola

Gandola is a cable car ride in Gulmarg. No tourist leaves Gulmarg without experiencing this ride. It rides on a cable that tours around the highland reaches of this place. 

You will see families, couples, solo travelers thronging the queue to get a ticket for Gandola ride. 

Note: Gandola need a ticket to ride, and it also depends upon the weather conditions to make it functional. In case the weather is rough and heavy snowfall is there, Gandola is shut for that time. 

Frequently asked questions

What are the main activities in Jammu and Kashmir?

Main activities are shikara ride, gondola ride, hikes, skiing, etc.

What do people do in Kashmir?

Most of the people in Kashmir depend on farming and tourism.

How can I go to Kashmir?

Kashmir has an airport and you can come directly by air. The nearest railway station is at Jammu from where you can get a cab to Kashmir.

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