Things You Need to Know About Perfect Range Hood

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The kitchen is like the heart of a house. It is having many important components that need to be picked properly to ensure better functionality of the kitchen. A range hood is one of the key parts that needs proper attention when selecting it for your kitchen area. If you are having no idea about the things that need to be considered when selecting the range hood? No need to worry about. We are here to help you.

Range hoods are essential as they are responsible to keep vapors, venting grease, cooking smells, fumes up and away from your kitchen. Furthermore, they also control moisture/humidity and maintain a healthy indoor air quality. Range hoods are having variable designs and capabilities. You should take some time to pick the best one according to your kitchen size and function. Your selection will affect the look of your kitchen, so you need to contact professionals to get services regarding Cape Cod kitchen remodel and get the answers for your questions regarding every important part of your kitchen including range hood.

Important Things You Need to Know

Some of the significance that you should keep in your mind regarding the range hood are listed below:

  • You should select a hood that is having adequate power. You should ensure that your hood is fulfilling your kitchen ventilation needs. You don’t need to spend on extra power.
  • The range hood power is directly related to range BTUs. For every 100 BTUs of hood power, you need at least 1 CFM of power coming from the hood fan blower. Every hood requirement varies from every manufacturer. You need to carefully read the recommendations.
  • Range hood comes in variable sizes. The overall look of your kitchen is important so size matters a lot. For instance, you need to pick the professional-grade hood when it is to be used by chefs for commercial uses. These hoods will be more powerful as compared to the range hoods used for domestic use.
  • If budget is a problem for you, then you should go for reface-able range hoods. The range/cooktop power requirements will remain the same. You can get assistance from kitchen designers about the hood refacing and they will guide in a better way about kitchen remodel on a budget.
  • If you are having range hood with powerful fan blower and venting capacity, then such hoods will be having more noise. If you want to avoid the noise, then you should be using small range hood having adequate power according to your need.

2 Option for Range Hood

When selecting hood, you are having two options. One is all-in-one and the second is two-piece with an outer shell. The one-piece range hood is more popular because they are more affordable. On the other hand, the two-piece option is custom and this makes them a high-end option.

4 Types of Range Hood

Let’s move on to the four types of range hood:


Chimney style hood is one of the common styles and it is a good choice for those kitchen areas that are having no cabinets over their range area. If you are looking to get more ideas about renovating your kitchen, then you should contact an experienced company to get the best kitchen renovation ideas for better functionality.

2-Under Cabinet

The second option includes the under-cabinet style. It is one of the widespread and traditional options selected by the homeowners. This style offers you a storage above the cooktop. You can have the storage on either side of the hood main or vertical duct. Moreover, if desired it can also be placed with the cabinets. This range hood style was popular in mid-century modern kitchen design.

3-Ceiling Mounted

If you are looking to have a minimal design option, then this style can be the best style to choose. It is best for those who prefer island cooktop option. They act as an ideal option for those who like to have an open kitchen design. The ceiling-mounted hoods that help in minimizing the visual hindrance between the living space and kitchen.


This hood style is similar to the under-cabinet style. The only difference is, this is mounted to the wall and the other one is mounted with cabinets.

Style for Range Hood

Once you are done selecting your preferred range hood model, then you will be able to select the appropriate style. For instance, if you are looking to have a contemporary style, then you will prefer to have a stainless steel or glass accented hood with clean lines. For a traditional style, you will choose a mantle/hearth style through a two-piece hood that comes with a cabinet matching shell, wooden copper, or old-world trim options.

Hope that now you are having all the essential information about the range hood. If you are looking to get professional assistance to give a new look to your kitchen, then you should contact expert kitchen remodeling contractors to get quality work done for your kitchen.

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