Dieting is not an easy thing. it refers to controlling the daily amount of calories and not only does it mean controlling the calories, but it also means cutting the food that you eat per day.
Well, many people complain about following strict diets but not losing weight and they just get confused with what to do in order to lose weight or where they are going wrong.

There are numerous things which you might think are okay when going on a diet but you might actually be doing them wrong and those things might be the reason why you might not be losing any weight.

Well, to help you know those things so you do not make the mistake of doing them, here’s a guide.

Here are some diet mistakes which people usually tend to make and then end up complaining about not losing weight.  You have to follow weight loss plans on a consistent basis in order to be more healthy and active throughout your routine tasks.

1- Never skip meals

Well, many people think that skipping meals will cut on the calories and it will help them lose weight. Which is totally wrong. The health experts have always been saying, ‘’eat lesser during each meal instead of skipping them’’.

Basically, when you do not take a filling meal or the calories that you might take by eating a low-calorie meal, you might end up taking more calories during the whole day. If you are on a diet, go for protein-rich meals. Those will help you lose weight and build up muscle fiber.
Moreover, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. NEVER skip it no matter what. Go for an egg because it is packed with protein.

2- Never go on a liquid diet.

So first, never go for sugary drinks during your diets. Instead of helping you lose weight, they might end up making you gain weight. Moreover, the solid calories are solid. The brain does not make you feel fuller by the intake of liquid calories. But if you’re going on detox water diet only (which many people do), do not do it.

Liquid diet helps you lose the water fat only which is very easy to regain. The purpose of your diet should be changing your routine forever, not eating again after you have hit your goal.
Yes, liquid diets do make a difference in the very beginning, but once you’ve done a 3-day water diet, you’ll see how you’ll regain all the lost weight. So do not do it. It is not healthy and very tough as well.

3- Taking in diet pills.

We all get attracted by the ad’s that they show us on the television, or the ads that we see on our mobile screens about the different pills which they claim, help one lose weight fast. Never go for them. Repeating it, NEVER!
We all want to lose weight fast, don’t we? All of us want our bodies toned. All supplements can do is enhance the effect of workouts. But some supplements might not be safe for you. They might work the opposite way and might be really unhealthy for the body. Many pills which claim they have been tested are actually not.
If you’re working out and want to go for a supplement, do ask an expert about the quality and side effects of that certain supplement. Supplement or any pill alone does not contain any kind of magic which can make you lose weight unless you’re trying your own self.

4- Do not cut out completely on sugar.

Sugar reduction might be dangerous for the body. And this in no way means you should consume high quantities of sugar, rather you should eat a very low amount. But do eat it. No sugar might have a negative impact on the memory. Your memory might weaken. Therefore, be sure to take a fixed quantity of sugar in the diet. Yes, cutting off sugar helps you lose weight, but limiting the sugar will do too. Your body needs sugar, especially for memory. So instead of going on a no sugar diet, go for a low sugar diet.

5- Carbohydrate-rich foods.

We might think that a certain food contains a very low amount of calories, but we should consider the number of carbohydrates present in the certain food too. Eating dry cereals, bread and etc. should be avoided because these foods are rich in carbohydrates.
When too many carbohydrates are taken, the body converts them into sugar and the sugar enters into the blood. In order to break that sugar and for the purpose of digestion, the body tends to break it through insulin, so it stimulates a high quantity of insulin. Which is unhealthy.
Go for snacks which are protein-rich and low in carbohydrate content.


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