Things to Know While Buying A Screen Guard

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One must agree that a single scratch on the screen of one’s phone will be of great pain. It will not only damage the aesthetics of the phone but may also make the phone useless. The way to provide the required protection it is wise to buy a screen protector. It is good to know about such considerations which will lead one to buy the best of such protectors.

What is a Screen Protector?

It is good to know what actually screen protectors are before one set off to buy one.

  1. It is sometimes called screen guard and can be made from a film of plastic or glass.
  2. The iphone 5s screen protector can be made to be fixed on top of the actual screen of the phone.
  3. Having such fixed one can be assured that the phone screen will be protected from scratches and will also be protected from any damage when dropped.
  4. The protectors have slots at a different position so that the speaker and the cameras can be used effectively.
  5. These slots differ from one phone screen protector to another as different phones have camera and speaker situated in a different position.
  6. So one should buy that particular protector which is made for a particular phone so as to have best of iphone 6s screen protection.

What is the need of having such protectors?

One must have noticed that when one buys a new phone it is told by the manufacturer that the screen is scratch resistant. So, one may think what is the purpose of having best screen protectors for iphone 6 when the screen is already protected.

Scratch from harder metals

  1. The protection that is offered is sufficient to not have a scratch from figure nails or keys.
  2. But it is seen that the protection is not sufficient to provide protection to the screen from harder materials or sand that may be there in one’s pocket.

Reflection of light

  1. The original screen of the mobiles is such that it reflects light.
  2. This reflection of light makes it difficult for users to see the display on the screen and use the phone.
  3. Practically the phone becomes useless as the screen display cannot be seen.
  4. One can avoid such a situation by having screen protectors fitted. They are anti-glare in nature and so do not reflect light as done by the original screen of the phone.
  5. There are some which have a matte finish so that it enhances the aesthetics of the phone along with not causing any problem due to the reflection of light.

Avoidance of fingerprints

The screen of the phone may not be having scratches, but the fingerprints that are there may make the phone not useable. So, what is the way to have the avoidance of such prints which makes the phone non-functional? The screen protectors are the best option. One can use them as fingerprints will not be there making the screen dirty. One does not have to clean the screen often to have proper visibility of the screen display.

Breaking of the screen

  1. Yes, this is another reason that one must use screen protectors for.
  2. It cannot be guaranteed that one will not drop the phone.
  3. When a phone is dropped the screen is the part of the phone that gets most affected.
  4. Such a fall may result in having a broken screen and one cannot use the smartphone.
  5. The only options left are changing the screen or have a new phone. Both these options are costly and can be avoided if the screen protector is fitted.

So, one can easily see that there are various reasons for having such a protector on one’s phone screen.

Types of Screen Protectors

There are different types of screen protectors available which can be had from reputed online stores. One must decide on the nature of service required to select the best type.

  1. Standard screen guards are not so costly but they do not offer the anti-glare option. So, if one wants just a screen guard then one can have such.
  2. If one wishes to have the anti-glare option, then there are such screen protectors which offer such along with regular protection to the screen.
  3. It’s best for those who have to work long hours outdoors so that the phone screen can be easily seen.
  4. The mirror screen guard is ideal for those who use their phone for calling or texting.
  5. This screen guard turns into a mirror when the phone is in sleep mode.
  6. The privacy screen guard is ideal for those who have private and confidential information on their phone.
  7. Having such a protector will not allow anyone else than the user to see the display on the screen.

So, selecting the screen guard according to the use will enable one to have best of protection along with the safe use of the phone.

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