Things to Consider When You Wear Statement Necklace

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Designer necklaces are just perfect when you want to make a style statement. They are fit for anyone who’s accessory addict and being a fashionable trend today makes them a good choice for any occasion. More so, when you wear a statement necklace, you don’t have to worry about anything as you can always be sure that everything will fall into right places. You can easily become the cynosure of all eyes at any party and go on to win friends and admirers.

When you have decided to wear a statement necklace, it’s always better to know some of its advantages, including –

  • Statement necklaces can accentuate your face when you add them as a focal point of your style, therefore drawing attention to the face and letting people escape other parts of the body
  • Wearing a statement necklace will not only show your taste but can also reveal the type of personality you have as there is no dearth of design types including classic, causal, trendy, chick etc. to make right notes
  • These pieces of jewelry are perfect for any outfit type whether party wear or business dress, therefore giving you an edge over others at any gathering of any type
  • You can always pair statement necklaces with simple outfits and make your dress livelier and more charming so there will always be an option to accessorize any outfit just by matching the right colour
  • And lastly, you can choose from simple shapes to complex textures of design with your necklace and decide whether to have a low-key look or sport a dash of refinement

Clearly, you stand to gain a lot when you wear a statement necklace as it can help you boost your aesthetic charm and also enhance your visibility in any party.

However, there are few things you should keep in mind when you wear a statement necklace, including –

  1. Keep it simple

When you plan to wear a stand-out necklace, the focus should always be on matching it with a simple outfit, not with bulky prints and heavy fabrics. So, try to pair the jewellery with anything classic, one-coloured or monochromatic outfits for best results.

  1. Have sync between necklace and neckline

You should always make it a point to match your necklace with your top or dress neckline for visual symmetry. More so, go with a shorter necklace if you have a larger bust so that things look balanced and attractive.

 3. Keep away clutters

It would always be a mistake to make your stand-out necklace compete with bulky rings, earrings or bangle bracelets. Rather, you should give your main jewelry piece the space to shine and grab the attention. So, keep the clutter and distractions to low possible levels always.

  1. Be careful with colour choices

Even when you know where to buy statement necklace, this does not mean you have got everything chalked out perfectly in terms of balance and visual charms. You also have to be good with colour choice of your dress and design of your necklace always.


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