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The tale of Languages

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It is very clear that the polyglots who try to develop their new language skills are not leaning it, but they are acquiring it like a child to gain the perfection. The study says that if one likes to gain the perfection in a foreign language, he has to acquire it. The study centre of Opportunity Middle East conducts the sessions IELTS and OET test training in Al Ain.

Strategy with cognates

If you know English well with the help of IELTS Training in Al Ain, it helps you to learn the new languages like, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese and Swedish etc. The secret is that these languages have myriad of cognates, the word cognate refers the diction that is same or almost the same in other languages.

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On the basis of cognates, a research says that it is the matter of five hundred and seventy five to six hundred hours for the English speakers to learn the other languages depending on the frequency of cognates. If the figure of five hundred and seventy five to six hundred hours come out to eleven hours a week, and one year is sufficient to achieve the goal to acquire any languages with the cognates.

The Language level Hypothesis

If you know English well and almost to the level of native speakers then other target languages are categorized in the levels like level 1 and level 2 etc. these levels are based on the number of cognates and the grammar of the target language, and the levels also decide that how many hours one is going to spend in general to acquire it. The best example is The German Language that falls on the level 2, because the grammar of German is little complex compare to the grammar of Spanish, French, Dutch and Italian etc. The German is calculated to be acquired by the learners who are a good English speaker within seven hundred and fifty hours as a target language.

The languages like Swahili, Malaysian and Indonesian falls on Level 3 and the time consumption to acquire them is nine hundreds hours only as per the research, which is calculated to be seventeen hours a week.

In the level 3 the languages like Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Burmese, Hebrew, Lao, Khmer, Serbian, Russian, Czech, Finnish, Georgian and Greek etc. and as per the research these level 4 languages will take eleven hundred hours to acquire, which comes as twenty one hours a week. The medical professional who wants to learn English to practice in the English countries, OET Test Training in Al Ain is very important for them.

The toughest languages on the earth

The languages like Arabic, Japanese, Chinese and Korean are the toughest languages on earth and they fall on the level 4, these languages will take two thousand two hundred hours to acquire.

The only secret is the comprehensible input

 To acquire any language the comprehensible secret is listening and speaking like babies usually do at the early stage of learning and get your teaching skills enhanced by Child Skills Development Training Sharjah. The experts say that reading and writing is something to start after one acquires myriad of vocabulary from the targeted language because then it would be easy to develop these skills.                      

 So the comprehensible input is more important that includes listening and speaking, while reading and writing during the initial part of language learning is not that important.

Language Parenting & Trade

If you want to learn a language then you have to choose an individual from the family, friends or the teacher for the language parenting.

It will be good to choose a partner to trade the language, it means that if somebody looks to acquire the language that you know and while you are looking for the language that the same person knows then it is good news for you, because you can practice well and trade the languages while speaking and listening practice. This is proved to be a most effective way. To understand the comprehensive Input the training on Child Skills Development Training Sharjah is important and is conducted at the study centre of Opportunity ME.

The ESL or English as a Second Language sessions the best places to hunt the language trade partners. These days when the smart phones are common one should also go for the application to find the online language trade partner. The medical professionals who want to practice in English Speaking countries can ready themselves for OET Test Training in Al Ain at our study centre.

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