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The perspective of gynaecologist and obstetrician

Man is a living being because it reproduces of its own kind, and when the offspring comes in existence into the womb of the mother the offspring takes the necessary nutrition from the mother, so mother needs to take care after her diet.

In gynaecology and obstetrics the dry fruits are viewed as the boon for the pregnant mothers and are suggested by the doctors in a diet plan. The suppliers of dry fruits, almonds, cashew nuts, Vietnamese cashew nuts and raisins etc. in Dubai or entire UAE are proved to be indirect supporters of the health frontiers like gynaecologist and obstetrician.  


The dry fruits and especially which are of the brown covering are rich in fibre and can reduce the risk of constipation which a common problem during pregnancy.

Vegan’s option

 The foods that are pure form of protein especially meat products are recommended by the doctors to a pregnant women, but what if the woman is a vegan? The answer is very simple that all proportion of the nutrition stored in the meat products can be obtained from the dry fruits. A good explanation is that protein and iron are found in the nuts in abundance so dry fruits can be considered as the substitute of the meat products for the vegan pregnant women. Raisins are relished by the pregnant women so contact the raisins suppliers in UAE, which is available with SST in retail also at the best price.



The presence of vitamin c in the body increases the efficiency of the body to absorb Iron, but the dry fruits have no or very less vitamin c, so to level the iron with vitamin c in the proper proportion within the body doctors suggest to consume the dry fruits along with the orange juice or a glass of lemonade. The optimum amount of Iron absorbed in the body with the help of vitamin c prevents anaemia.

The dry fruits when consumed in proper proportion which also can be said that when it is consumed in a balanced way then it is the source of nutrition in their natural state than any other edibles, and almost handful of dry fruits is enough for a day.

Good for the unborn

The babies who are in the womb of their mothers require the nutrition through their mothers, so it is necessary that a mother should go for the healthy and balanced diet so as one of the dry fruits suppliers in Dubai SST is ready to cope with the demand. Some of the benefits for the babies are given below:

  • The nuts are the good source of calcium especially found in the almonds. The calcium provides strength to the teeth, bones, muscles and bones.
  • The organs of the body make use of present iron that helps in smooth movement of the muscles, and a body makes use of iron with the help of copper, and the good thing is that both are present in the nuts.
  • If we do not have the problem of constipation the there is almost no chance of heart disease or diabetes and the constipation is healed with the help of the fibre in the food, especially the brown coated dry fruits are rich in fibre and should be consumed as medicine for constipation problem during pregnancy. As one of the almonds suppliers in Dubai SST deals with the retail customers also.
  • The blood pressure is balanced with the help of the mineral especially iron present in the dry fruits.
  • Manganese is very important when it comes to the development of the skeletal system of the baby.
  • The magnesium found in the dry fruits like almonds, cashews, dried bananas and pine nuts help nervous system to function properly, for the cashew nut suppliers in Dubai call SST.
  • The fats Omega 3 found in the walnuts, which is consumed by mother help in the formation healthy brain and eyes of the unborn baby.
  • The healthy bones and blood clotting are caused by the phosphorous that is found in cashew and pea nuts. Contact SST if you are looking for Vietnamese cashew nut suppliers in UAE. 
  • The potassium found in the dates, dried apple, bananas and apricot helps to prevent hyper tension in an unborn child.
  • The protein found in the almonds and pistachio balances the weight gain according to the stages.

You can contact SST for the dry fruits like dried apricot, bananas, kiwis, raisins, Vietnamese cashew nut, varieties of cashew nut and almonds etc. because SST is the famous dry fruits suppliers in Dubai, UAE.

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