The Impact of Coronavirus on Meetings and Events

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Our life’s most aspects have been impacted by COVID-19. It has been declared as a global pandemic by WHO because in almost all the countries of the world the coronavirus has spread and its spreading started taking place in March 2020. Because of this a lot of measures have been followed by the people as per the direction of the government:

  • They are maintaining social distancing
  • There are bans on travel
  • Lockdowns have also been announced by the government several times

The virus has killed a large number of people all over the world. A great loss has been faced by several industries that had a great growth before coronavirus.

The events industry was affected so badly because of COVID-19.

Because of the pandemic, a lot of international events were postponed

Several meetings were postponed because of the pandemic that were supposed to happen in 2020. A large number of these events were international events like Tokyo Olympics. July 23, 2021, was the next date of holding the Tokyo Olympics. History has never seen the postponement of a major event of such type.

COVID-19 is also responsible for postponing Euro 2020. Then June July 2021 was fixed as the next date of holding the European football tournament.

Some stadiums that were empty were used for holding some tournaments of football. There was no audience to watch the game. For some games of football, fake crowds were used. But what is a fake crowd? When the game is on then the sounds of cheering and chanting are made with the help of a device. These sounds resemble the sound of an actual crowd.

How virtual events are beneficial to businesses?

Human life’s integral part is social interaction and connection. Because of COVID-19, it became necessary to follow the guidelines and rules of social distancing. In spite of all this, sharing experiences has become possible for the people as several innovative and novel ways have been found by various businesses for doing this. To connect with the people the businesses are using technology and are still following the restrictions of COVID-19. Hosting virtual events has become a new trend for the companies of event planning because of the COVID-19 pandemic. By creating virtual rooms some of the companies have provided virtual venues for hosting virtual events. It has been found that the investors, as well as the customers, are happy with an arrangement of such type.

By using Zoom, the event organizers can host virtual events. For hosting conferences and meetings of medium-size and small size the organizers can use this app for the purpose of online meetings.

What are the benefits of virtual event software to event companies?

The virtual events are facilitated by Zoom and several other companies. In order to keep the comfort of customers in mind and provide them virtual experiences these kinds of technologies have been used by a large number of companies and its examples are given below:

Virtual concerts

For a small number of people, it is possible to host virtual concerts by creating live venues. You can easily get these live venues by making some adjustments in the living rooms and cafes. A company that does that is Sofar Sounds. For the purpose of live streams, the musicians from across the globe can independently join in the listening rooms that have been created by Sofar. The pandemic has created several challenges and businesses of such kinds have proved to be great in such a situation.

Virtual runs

Several events related to fitness, sporting and marathons have been canceled because of the pandemic. To deal with such kind of situation a feature of the virtual run has been provided by a company known as Great American 5000. In one day, there are 24 hours and, in these hours, the cumulative runs can be made by the 12 to 24 people’s team.

When the pandemic will be over then what steps the industry of events will take?

What will the companies hosting virtual events do after the end of the pandemic? There will be no more use of the services like zoom. In this situation, a solution that is viable is hosting hybrid events. These kinds of occasions include virtual elements as well as live elements. Any number of people can participate in these kinds of occasions.

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