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The bane of the burns

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An African lad woke up at the mid of the night found himself entrapped in a fire which was caused by the candle, which fell and set the room ablaze. He received the severe burns on face and limbs, so it gives us an idea that there should be fire extinguishers in every house along with the fire maintenance measures taken with the help of the professional fire fighting contractors or companies to save the life of the occupants.

He was lucky enough to survive the fire accident, and after the months of treatment one day this African boy was discharged from the hospital with the pressure garment mask on his face, which was of a brown colour and meant to save his face from the scars.

The boy was very much sensitive about his looks, and the milieu especially at the school started to ridicule him that led him to the exasperation and the situation went cumbersome for him, which resulted in the delayed boy’s education.

The bane endured by this individual developed the compassion within the boy towards the blind and disable individuals, and after he got healed he started off spending the time voluntarily with them to boost their morale.

This boy named Vusi was among the team of the whistle blowers who climbed the Mount Kilimanjaro in the year of 2007, since all the 15 members of the team were the burns survivor, they all climbed to exemplify and bring cognizance across the African continent on the fire maintenance, extinguishers, burn injuries and its drastic affect.

Children are the most vulnerable

 A child is a human being, with the help of his instinct he acquires the knowledge by experiencing and experimenting the new things, which is very important to survive in this world. The dark side of the experiencing and experimenting is when the things are exacerbated accidently especially when the child is oblivious to the dangers of the objects especially the inflammable one he is playing with, the worst part of the story is that the accident may cause disability or scars, and this may end up in grief, so the buildings and vicinity in the children play area must be under the maintenance of the professional fire fighting contractors.

During the erection of the infrastructure the professional Fire Companies take the strong measures to save the occupants, especially children because their drastic illness and life time disability will not be limited to them, but will affect the family and the community.

The children category prone to fire burns

The study says that the children that are disabled or handicapped and especially suffering from epilepsy are prone to more risk of burn compare to the normal or non disabled child.

The children who are the offspring of the foreign parents and the children who are residing in the distant areas are more vulnerable to the fire accidents.

The parent those who smoke a lot especially at the bed time put their children in a great danger, while the children live on the street and underground sewer passages are also exposed to the fire accidents.

The communal cognizance on Fire maintenance

Smart Gas has great sense towards its social obligations and strongly believes that parent awareness program will deplete the report count on children burns. The community awareness programme is to give the knowledge to the parents to enhance the supervision of their offspring because most of the times the children are at home and there are lots of things that are inflammable and in the reach of the children.

The study done in mid eighties in United States shows that the children were responsible to set ablaze their houses accidently while paying with the lighter that lights the gas stove, this resulted in injuries and deaths.

In many countries there are festivals in which there is a great significance of light and fire crackers, there should be fire extinguishers dispensed near the places of public gathering and fire crackers show under the safety measures designed for the occasion by Fire fighting Contractors, and this how we can control the bane caused by the burns.

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