Tech Talk: How To Make Your Organisation HR Tech Ready?

A lot of man hours have been wasted by HR in doing redundant tasks manually. However, ever since the HR software has been introduced and people have started embracing it, the time has got reduced significantly. Almost everything can now be managed using the software even before joining of the employee to the time he leaves.

As a matter of fact, HR tech is Rs. 40,000 crores in India alone and $400 billion around the world.

But the truth that many SMBs have not yet deployed an HR and attendance management software is inescapable. So, in this blog, we tell you the time to deploy software, and basically, be HR ready.

  • Make organisation ready : Before deploying the software, it is important first of all to see the HR perspective in terms of automation. Check how deeply the HR functions are engraved in the organisation. After that, you must find the loopholes and decide which processes are in dire need of automation. Find ways as to how technology can be used to slither the gap between the HR and the employees, candidates etc.
  • Make employees accept the technology : If you are trying to bring something new into the organisation get ready to face resistance from the employees. If there is less of generation and millennials, it may get a bit difficult to make them accept the technology. So, before actually implementing the software, you should conduct a workshop or meeting to acquaint them with the change. Tell them why it is so necessary and how it will help them. Apart from this, some companies also resort to giving the incentive to use HR and attendance management software or take actions against those who don’t.
  • Choose the process first : Implementing technology full fledged and expecting the team to accept the change quickly will land you into a very critical situation. Make the process live one by one. Give employees the time to get accustomed to using automation in a particular sphere first. When they will see how beneficial and easy to use automated modules are, they will themselves want other modules to be implemented. We suggest you to make attendance management software go live first and then other modules.
  • Decide the Software : Market is flooded with HR and attendance management software. So, choosing software won’t be very difficult but it may not be the best one. So, while you are choosing the software, make a list of things you need in the software and your budget. After that, you should take demos and free trials, whatever the vendor allows. Weigh the pros and cons, talk to some existing clients and then make a decision. Investing in the wrong software can make it hard for employees to accept the change.

Apparently, implementing HR software is a big decision that affects everyone in the organisation on different levels. So, the decision should not be taken in haste and one change at a time should be introduced so that acceptance doesn’t become an issue.


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