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How to Tackle Pre-Wedding Jitters For Every Bride-To-Be and/ or Groom-In-Waiting


Weddings are like icing on the cake for every love-birds who are already madly and deeply in love with each other. Marriage is an eternal bond that two people happily agrees to. But, all this wedding and pre-wedding preparations and arrangements also bring along an uninvited guest – Stress and Nervousness. And, a blend of these two is what we call pre-wedding Jitters.

Pre-wedding or wedding Jitters is a normal thing for every bride-to-be and/or groom-in-waiting. All the anxiety, nervousness, tensions, and stress levels keep rising as the weeks left for the pre-wedding and wedding keep shrinking.

And, while these two try to cope with these jitters, they need to face from those patronizing aunties to nosy co-workers who make no stones unturned to make them realize about the new beginnings and the ups and downs about it which is already making their head spinning with the jitters.

But, it’s best to take matters in your own hands and to cope up with these jitters that one faces either during the pre-wedding video shoot in Delhi or any other place or during the wedding shoot or during these occasions preparations there are some brainy tips and tricks. These tips and tricks will help ease the jitters for the bride-to-be and/or groom-in-waiting.

We spend days and months looking for a best pre-wedding photoshoot studio in Delhi who has the best places for pre-wedding photo shoot places in Delhi, but when it comes to the shooting time, it’s our brains that betray us. Often the couple becomes blank, and their thoughts are replaced with the mixture of anxiety, nervousness, and tension.

Having a pre-wedding photoshoot in Delhi with all the unpalatable eyes on you can actually be a big distraction and significant reason for the increased levels of nervousness.

Therefore, these tips and tricks if added to your pre-wedding lifestyle, can make some effective changes with your jitters. Follow them carefully :

Make some swapping in your diet

Food basically acts like “The Big Cheese” in every Indian life. A portion of good food always helps not only making our health better but lifts our mood too. Therefore, incorporating some food in your diet will give you both some extra nutritious benefits and escapism from frayed nerves. The day scheduled for your pre-wedding shoot in Delhi, start having chamomile tea in the night, this will give you a good night sleep, a relief from the stress and a boost to your health.

Add-on extra dose of cocoa

We all know caffeine is not suitable for health, but having small portions of it in the form of dark chocolate helps in pepping up the mood. Dark chocolate has some anti-stress drug qualities which help in reducing cortisol hormones that are the main reason for your anxiety symptoms.

Munch on some Walnuts

You’ll all be amazed about the tremendous health benefits a walnut contains. Walnuts are a vibrant source of taking Omega-3 fatty acids, helps in reducing bad cholesterol, aids in weight loss, and enhance memory along with providing anti-stress qualities. Include 5 halves of walnuts in your diet and notice the change.

Start having Oranges

Not many might be knowing of the fact, that once we are under any kind of pressure, our body losses a right amount of Vitamin C. So, it’s essential to include food/fruit which is rich in Vit C and Oranges are without a doubt the best source to level your Vitamin C in the body and will help in uplifting your mood.

Try and keep your mind clear

With all the hullabaloo in one’s life during the pre-wedding photoshoot in Delhi, wedding arrangements and alterations of plans, it is challenging to keep our mind relaxed and clear. But, by doing some simple exercises and going for a spa between your wedding schedules can help in reducing the panic attacks and tensions.

Start a habit of maintaining a journal

Jotting down your feelings in a journal will help you a lot to find escapism from these wedding jitters. Identify what’s bothering you or giving you anxiety issues and address them in your journal topic wise. Doing this, your botheration from the upcoming nuptials will fade away.

Plan your Post-Wedding schedule

The most fearful thoughts one Bride-to-be goes with is what will she do once she is married. How will she strategize her days and time? Therefore, it is recommended to sit with your fiance and strategize your plans that might include your honeymoon, buying a property, etc. Making such small plans like enrolling in some classes post wedding or buying a house or making a hobby a habit will ease down your anxiety. You can read more interesting tips about Delhi at Delhi-Magazine.

Follow these some useful tips and tricks to shoo away your pre-wedding jitters and rock your D-Day like a Pro!!

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