Stylish Activewear Trends for Men’s and Women’s

“Simplicity is the keynote to all true elegance”- Coco Chanel

This simple statement has brought considerable changes in the fashion world. Men and women are laying emphasis on comfort and simplicity more than ever before. This has made them incline towards activewear as their preferred choice of clothing. What’s more, you can even find celebs flaunting their cherished active wear in their public appearances.

This is the reason that has fuelled the fashion world to welcome activewear as a buzzing fashion trend. And since more and more people are opting to have regular fitness schedules, having some smart activewear clothing items becomes all the more essential to stay in shape. You can style these activewear clothes to transcend into a casual outwear, which you can wear for outings with friends or family post your workout session.

So, let’s take a glimpse of the latest activewear clothing pieces to make exercising all the more enjoyable.

  1. Oversized Sweatshirt

Baggy looks have always imparted a unique sense of fashion, leaving a bold yet street-ready look. Oversized sweatshirts are perfect for both workouts and occasions when you need to hit the street for a casual outing. Try this new trendy piece of clothing and pair it with skinny jeans or leggings and sneakers and you are ready to make a cool fashion statement on the streets! Or better still, pair the sweatshirt with printed leggings or shorts for a fun outing with your friends.

  1. High Waist Leggings


High waist leggings are usually worn during workouts since they provide a firm grip around the waistline. But, what if you pair the lowers with a crop top and denim jackets? It would certainly add some more points to your fashion sense. The high waist style gives an idea of longer leaner legs and the snug fit makes you look slimmer. So, take out the workout leggings from your wardrobe and put it on for your outing! There are endless ways you can wear leggings to stay stylish. Put on a t-shirt and a jacket over it with solid colored leggings and you are ready to swoon the streets.

  1. Men’s Sweatshirt Hoodie

The idea of the hoodie was adapted from the traditional cloaks with a cup-like part to cover the head. Hoods are now the latest trend, which is not only incorporated with the jackets but sweatshirts too. Men’s sweatshirts, which are mainly used for training or any other sport, most often come with large hoods and drawstrings. These hooded sweatshirts double up as an ultra stylish streetwear. Wear them with cropped jeans, full-length jeans or whatever streetwear that comes to your mind.

  1. Men’s Quarter-Zip Pullover

This particular pullover type is very popular amongst the male gender as an ultimate sportswear. They usually couple the zipped pullover with an undershirt and track bottoms. The quarter length zipper gives the shirt a distinct casual look. This is why, for casual days or outing with friends, you can wear this pullover with the zipper down to flaunt the broad chest muscles with a bit of the shirt worn underneath the sweatshirt.

  1. Loose Yoga Top

Yoga wear is meant for providing extra comfort during extreme positions and to keep you relaxed and at peace with yourself. Yoga tops are a great option for girls who wish to infuse their outfits with a bit of yogic spirit. These simple and modest tops can be beautifully paired with jeans, joggers or skirts for any non-formal event. If the idea of revealing too much skin frightens you, don a cropped jacket over yoga tops and pair it with shorts,  skirts or cropped trousers.

  1. Joggers

This activewear is catching up as the latest trend among fitness lovers regardless of the gender. This bottom wear is a modern version of the track pants. What makes these pants interesting is their smart silhouette. Thes pants are fitted below the knee level and have a fitted band close to the ankles. These trousers come in varied prints and patterns for women. Men can choose their joggers in single or double toned colors with sporty prints. Joggers can be styled in infinite ways and ladies can even wear heels with these super gorgeous bottom wear. Put on a smart blazer and be prepared to surprise the street folks with this brilliant outfit.

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