A memorial program is a celebration of life. It is an opportunity to remember and honor a loved one who has passed away. When your loved one dies, one of the essential things to do is plan their memorial service. If your loved one has died suddenly, you only have a few days to collect all this information and prepare a memorable funeral program.

But don’t worry because it can be done. The memorial brochure template can be as simple or as complex as you wish. According to your details and information, you can choose the template. There are many ways to make the program memorable. Read on.

Here are the Steps:

1. Gather Personal Information

Take the help of your family members or friends to gather personal information. But it is not necessary to ask directly from those who are engaged in funeral planning because they can feel overwhelmed. Break down the list of essential information and ask your assistants to retrieve it. Give them a deadline one day before the funeral report they found.

2. Use Compatible Software or Templates

To create a bi-fold or tr-fold program layout, you need a simple word-processing program. However, if you don’t have the hand or eye to design it, ask for help. Nowadays, there are usually one or two people who can help you design the program. Or You can also download funeral program templates from one of the many available sites.

3. Put Your Program Together

When you design the memorial program layout, make sure that people will read it in the same order the way you want as the funeral service. If you are unsure, contact the office, and he will guide you. Try not to put too much information as it will look cluttered. Remember, simpler is better.

4. Choose Images and Fonts

When choosing the images of the deceased, make sure they are tasteful. And with font, stick with one font for the rest of the program. Otherwise, it will look busy and sloppy.

A Lasting Memento

These are the few steps to get you started. The most important thing is to personalize the program to reflect the life of the person you are honoring. If you consider getting memorial bookmarks to make it more memorable, then turn to Custom Memorial Programs. Explore their layouts and place your order.

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